Food & Wine & Scotch & Fashion

by Giovanna Dirusso, Time Out Staff Writer
When friendship and truth and good fellowship reign,
And fouk (folk) grown auld are made youthfu’ again:
Where ilka (every) heart is happy, and wardly cares forgot, Is when we’re met thegither owre a wee drappie o’t.

— Traditional Scottish song,
“A Wee Drappie O’t”

Last weekend, our chic little town hosted, for the 31st time, the biggest gluttonous group of gourmets and gourmands under the poshest “tent city” in the world.

The Food & Wine Classic rolled into town to great fanfare once again, bringing with it the best chefs, the best wines, the best cocktails, and the best people watching in the lush backdrop of verdant mountains and azure skies of Aspen, Colo.

At the initial party sponsored by Aspen Magazine at The Little Nell on Wednesday evening and the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) kick-off luncheon at the Jerome on Thursday, the wining, dining and socializing got off to a great start.

This year, I’m happy to report that the women dressed up to the occasion!

I so enjoyed photographing all the pretty dresses I encountered in my travels through the Grand Tasting tent and the multitude of parties along the way.

Flowing long dresses prevailed, which sway perfectly in the sultry breezes of summer, with the season’s predominant focus on black and white in evidence everywhere you went, including yours truly. The other popular trend was orange, whether as an accent or in all its splashy glory on its own.

Now, everyone knows I love a bit of the grape, but my good friends know I do enjoy a wee drappie of the single malt whiskey as well. Actually, my favorite event was the decadent scotch whiskey sit-down lunch hosted by our illustrious restaurateur, Jimmy Yeager, at his place, Jimmy’s: An American Restaurant and Bar,  sponsored by Aspen Sojourner magazine. A wonderful four course lunch with, what else, Scottish salmon, was accompanied by progressively aged Glenfiddich scotches. I was in heaven.

Who thought you could drink scotch right through a meal and that it would accent the food so well? Mitchell Vechard, wearing the de rigeur kilt was our expert rep from Glenfiddich, regaled us with bawdy jokes and information about the vintages we were imbibing. His guests loved every minute of it. I’m just sorry I had to leave before they served the 30 year!

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