Gear Pick: Merrell 
Thermo 6: Fear the slush no longer

by Chad Abraham, Time Out Staff Writer
Walking around Aspen in the winter involves ongoing encounters with piles of snow and puddles of slush.

Not having the right footwear can mean avoidance tactics or wet feet (I’m looking at you, corner of Main and Galena).

But my wife recently came back from a shopping trip with a surprise: a pair of the Merrell Thermo 6 waterproof boots.

Luckily, Mother Nature of late has provided an ample environment in which to test the new purchase.

Instead of slipping around the muck, I plowed right through it and then tromped with my dog through a field outside my house covered by several inches of fresh snow.

The result: bone-dry socks.

The Merrell Thermos appear to be very solid winter footwear, as they are fairly light-weight at just over 1 pound, with a great tread and arch support.

Other features include Merrell’s Opti-Warm and “200 grams of Thinsulate” insulation, according to the company’s website.

Still, while dry, my feet were cold, so I’m not completely sold on the marketing behind the insulation features. The only other drawback seems to be the need to constantly tighten the laces so my feet don’t slip around.

The store staffer told my wife that they can’t keep the Merrell Thermos in stock, and the 88 reviews on average out at 4.5 out of 5 stars, providing evidence of their popularity.

They should be great for both a day at the sledding hill and a mud-season hike next spring. They would also be ideal for someone with a job that frequently takes them outdoors.

No longer do I have to fear the slush pits of Aspen freezing my feet all day.

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