Gear Pick: Head's Venturi: A Solid All-mountain Ski

by Carolyn Sackariason, Time Out Staff Writer

Effortless. That's how I would describe in one word the Venturi made by Head.

The narrowest of Head's new line of big mountain skis offers versatility that I haven't found in any other series. It is 95 mm underfoot, designed for skiers who regularly ski hard pack but want something for powder in open terrain.

It truly is an all-mountain ski — fun, responsive and surfy. It is very easy to navigate and has a lot of pop for a soft ski.

As Head describes on its website, with these skis, skiing is no longer skiing. It’s really more like flying. It can carve a turn like a slalom ski but also surfs through the powder like the Venturi's wider counterparts in the series.

That's due to Head's tip and tail rocker construction, combined with regular camber underfoot. This combination is what Head says creates the surfy feel in powder while maintaining hard snow versatility.

The Venturi is made with a full wood core, and an elastomeric stabilizing inlay with a glass fiber exoskeleton. That construction is designed to dampen the vibration found in rockered tips and tails while increasing torsional strength and reducing swing weight. Technical speak aside, it translates for me into being able to pivot the ski easier and faster.

Because Venturi is the narrowest of Head's four-model Freeski collection, it is less expensive to build and therefore won't break the bank — another positive to owning it. Wider skis in the line have waist widths that start at 125 mm (the Turbine) and go to 105 (the Collective) before going down to the Venturi. The wider skis offer a more pronounced tip and tail for better performance in the powder.

If I were to own the Venturi, I'd probably have the Collective in the closet for powder days, where flotation and munching through pow is key. But for an overall, all-mountain ski, the Venturi is as solid as it gets.

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