Mayor’s bike stolen from City Hall

by Curtis Wackerle, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

One of Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland’s bikes was stolen from in front of City Hall while the council was meeting Tuesday evening.

A dejected-looking Ireland came in to the Aspen Daily News offices after he discovered his expensive road bike was missing, asking if the theft was a prank perpetrated by reporters. He had no such luck.

Ireland’s persona over the years has been tied nearly as much to his bike riding as his political profile. During Aspen’s mayoral campaign last spring, Ireland vowed not to drive to any campaign events and instead ride his bike. He once rode his bike to a Colorado Department of Transportation blue ribbon panel committee meeting in Meeker and is a regular participant in Ride the Rockies, which he completed last week.

Ireland said he was in such a hurry to get to Tuesday’s council work session that he selected the fastest bike he had at his disposal instead of his standard townie mountain bike. The thieves left behind a new helmet Ireland had recently purchased.

The bike was left unlocked, as Ireland said he never locks his bike in Aspen. He said he does not want to live in a community where residents have to be paranoid of getting their bikes stolen.