ZG: Milking the horse

Aspen Daily News Staff Report
The Aspen Business Luncheon can be a neat little club, open to anyone willing to pay the price of admission. That price has been going up lately for the buffet-style lunch and the usually stimulating programming organizers come up with. A few years ago, it was $28. It’s now up to $35.

Organizer Todd Shaver is kind enough to let the working press into the events for free, but they aren’t supposed to eat — just cover the program, have a glass of iced tea and maybe sneak a cookie.

But the hard-line on freebies at the luncheon extends apparently to the guests of honor. At this week’s edition, when all six mayoral and four council candidates participated in election forums, even the candidates had to pay for lunch. It sure must be fun running for office.

At the outset of the mayoral debate, candidates were asked to state their most favorite and least favorite aspects of the race. Adam Frisch mentioned the $35 bill for the food. He characterized the worst parts of the campaign as “loss of family time and day job time ... and having to pay for my lunch up here.” Everyone laughed.

• • •

For the past several weeks the staff at the Pitkin County Landfill has been admiring a bronze horse sculpture inside the Aspen impound lot at the landfill, although they have no idea where it came from. The town of Basalt, the city of Aspen and Pitkin County each maintain their own gated impound lot at the landfill, filled with various and sundry items that are usually limited to vehicles and bicycles.

The sculpture is resting comfortably in its new home, and the recent snowfalls have appeared to give the horse almost lifelike qualities. It’s possible it’s made of solid gold, in which case the city could auction it off and indefinitely solve any budgetary problems. Unconfirmed word on the street is the horse made it to the impound lot with the help of the parks department via a defunct art gallery. Anyone missing a horse sculpture should contact Michele McClinton at the Aspen Police Department.