Court Roundup

by Chad Abraham, Aspen Daily News Staff Writer
Snowboarder trash talking 
escalates, leading to felony
A Snowmass Village man who was angry at another man for “talking s--- about my snowboarding” allegedly admitted to keying the man’s car last month.

Matthew Abare, 24, told Aspen police officer Roderick O’Connor that his “emotions got the best of me” on Oct. 14, a police report says.

On that day around 11:40 p.m., a neighbor of the car owner said Abare knocked on his door, asking if he knew where the alleged victim was. The neighbor said that he did not know where he was and that Abare left. He told police he heard Abare say, “We’ll see how you like it when I f--- with your car,” referring to the alleged victim.

The next day, the car owner showed O’Connor three deep scratches on his 1987 BMW, the report says.

On Oct. 18, Abare allegedly left O’Connor a voicemail message saying that he had made a “bad decision.”

In an interview the next day, he told O’Connor that the car owner “was talking s--- about my snowboarding, and I went to his apartment,” O’Connor wrote. “I got out of control and keyed his vehicle. ... It’s really not me. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it right.”

The alleged victim showed police a repair estimate of $1,678.

Abare was arrested on Nov. 25 for felony criminal mischief (damage involving a crime that exceeds $500 is considered a felony in Colorado).

Abare, during a brief hearing in Pitkin County District Court on Monday, was given a new court date of Dec. 16 and told to apply to the public defender’s office for legal representation. He is free on a $5,000 bond.

Police: Check-cashing scheme netted two women $6,000
Two Carbondale women who allegedly used stolen checks to bilk a bank out of $6,000 face multiple felony charges.

Daniela Elizabeth Jaramillo-Dominguez, 18, and Elsa Eva Murillo Gonzalez, 40, were arrested by Garfield County authorities last week on warrants.

The warrants, which are essentially identical, say that Jaramillo-Dominguez walked into the Aspen branch of Alpine Bank on Nov. 21, with Gonzalez in tow as an interpreter.

Jaramillo-Dominguez presented a $5,000 check that an Aspen woman made out to her, according to her arrest warrant.

She opened an account and received $2,000 in cash, wrote Aspen police officer Peter Bauer.

The next day, Jaramillo-Dominguez allegedly cashed a starter check from the new account for $1,000 at the Carbondale Alpine Bank. Later that day, another check, this one in the amount of $2,000, that belonged to the same Aspen woman was forged and cashed at the bank’s Glenwood Springs branch, the warrant says.

Finally, the defendants forged another check from the woman and deposited it in the amount of $5,000 at the Alpine Bank in Willits, Bauer wrote. They allegedly took another $1,000 from that deposit.

An Alpine Bank official alerted police about the alleged fraud on Nov. 26, the same day the woman told the bank that she did not write the checks.

Jaramillo-Dominguez and Gonzalez are to be charged with seven felonies: identity theft, forgery, criminal possession of a financial transaction device, theft and three conspiracy counts.

The owner of the checks, a part-time homeowner, told police that Gonzalez has worked for her as a maid for eight months. She said Gonzalez had no reason to access a desk where the checks were kept and that she never wrote the checks or authorized anyone to do so.

Jaramillo-Dominguez appeared in Pitkin County District Court on Monday and received a new court date of Dec. 16. She remained in the Pitkin County Jail on a $10,000 bond as of Monday evening, while Gonzalez is free on the same amount.

Gonzalez’s next court date was unavailable.