Man’s attempt at sex met with punches, handgun

Aspen Daily News Staff Report

A Glenwood Springs man faces a felony charge of attempted sexual assault after he allegedly climbed naked onto a woman early Saturday, leading to her punching him and grabbing a handgun.

Matthew Alsdorf, 35, was arrested around 3 a.m. at the Pinion Pines Apartments outside Glenwood after a friend of the alleged victim called police. The woman told her friend that Alsdorf was refusing to leave her residence and that she had struck him, a police report says.

Police arrived to find that Alsdorf was immobile, his sandal stuck under the alleged victim’s door. Sheriff’s deputy Matthew Graham helped him remove his foot from the sandal, and wrote that Alsdorf was very unsteady on his feet, smelled of alcohol, and had blood on his lips and a swollen left eye.

The alleged victim was visibly shaken and close to tears, and Graham said there was a 9mm handgun on the kitchen counter when he interviewed her.

The woman said Alsdorf, his brother and her friend had visited her apartment that night. Around midnight, the brother and friend left, and the woman told police that she offered to let Alsdorf stay in her living room because he was very intoxicated. They kissed one another, but she then walked into the kitchen. Upon returning, Alsdorf “emerged from her bedroom completely naked,” the report says. “[The woman] stated that she was alarmed that he was exposing himself to her.”

She refused his alleged overture that she take off her clothes, and told deputies she was unsure how they ended up in the bedroom. But once there, he straddled her and pinned her shoulders to the bed, Graham wrote.

“She told him to get off of her and leave. He refused,” the report says. “She said she started punching Matthew in the face and telling him to leave.

“According to [the alleged victim], Matthew told her that he wanted her to punch him” before eventually releasing her, Graham wrote. The woman, in a statement to police, wrote that Alsdorf “told me afterward that he enjoyed being punched in the face during sex, and I said I only did it [in] self-defense …”

After he allegedly refused to leave, she grabbed the handgun, and Alsdorf dressed and left, though he continued to knock and bang on her door and talk to her from the hall.

Alsdorf allegedly admitted to deputies that he had consumed alcohol and marijuana that night. Upon his arrest, Graham wrote that he removed from Alsdorf’s coat pocket a pair of orange women’s underwear and an item of pink lingerie.

“I asked Matthew if they belonged to him, but he just laughed and did not answer,” Graham wrote.

The alleged victim said she was surprised he had the items, which she valued at $3, in his possession, the report says.

Besides attempted sexual assault, Alsdorf also faces charges of trespassing, false imprisonment, indecent exposure and petty theft. He is due in Garfield County District Court on Nov. 29.