Guns protect us from tyranny

his letter was originally addressed to “all Pitkin County commissioners.”

I am extremely concerned with your decision to bring forth the letter written by Jon Peacock regarding gun control. You along with the media and other politicians are stooping to an all-time low using the Sandy Hook massacre to try to implement new gun control laws — laws which time and time again in countries such as the U.K. and Australia have been found to handcuff law- abiding citizens and allow criminals more power. With all of your theories and feel-good ideas, you will never stop an unstable person who wants to acquire a firearm. They will find a way to obtain it. It is unfortunate but true. Take the massacre in Norway in July 2011 for example. Norway has some of the most stringent gun laws yet a mass murderer was able to obtain a firearm and kill 69 people, none of whom could defend themselves. While I agree with you on how awful these tragedies are, the evidence still shows that mass shootings have not increased in number or overall body count in the U.S. At least not over the past several decades.
So why is there a Second Amendment? Is it for target shooters, hunters, personal protection? It was created in order to keep our free society from a tyrannical government. It dates back to when citizens were rising up against the English monarchy. A history that we have lost today but that the framers were well aware of, and that the delegates to the states ratifying conventions were aware of. That is why they insisted on a Bill of Rights! When you look at the Bill of Rights it exists, including the Second Amendment, to protect the individual from the federal government. And this should not alarm anyone considering how responsible 99.9 percent of gun owners are. It is the gun owners in this country who are the most responsible citizens in this country. So I and many other constituents in this county urge you not to jump on the bandwagon. And try to understand that the freedoms you continually attempt to take away from us are proving to be detrimental to the greatest country ever known to man.

Brandon Toomey
Snowmass Village