The law of sensibility


I don’t have any children, but if I did, they would never attend public school. It is not because I would fear another Sandy Hook massacre. It’s because teaching independent critical thinking and nurturing children to become unique and dynamic individuals is not a major part of public school programing. Putting armed guards at schools is not the solution to the perceived problem of murderous lunatics targeting children at any given moment. However, allowing teachers to carry guns if they want to is part of our American heritage of protecting ourselves instead of expecting someone else to do the job.

Knee jerk reactionaries to the Sandy Hook massacre should take a deep breath and consider one simple fact: The statistical probability of being murdered at school is still incredibly small, yet the overreaction to Sandy Hook is enormous. You will never see a report on TV showing just how rare it is because sensationalizing the tragedy gets higher ratings. The powers that be are already busily exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy to ramrod anti-gun legislation. The strategy is to incrementally outlaw all private gun ownership with small steps that seem reasonable on the surface, like banning so-called assault weapons. There’s always the misdirection on intent by stating your right to hunt will never be taken away.

The unalienable right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting. Watch out for catch phrases like “getting guns off the street”; the implication being taking away guns from the criminal thug element, which sounds good. If I could translate that catch phrase to what they really mean, it is “taking away handguns from ordinary citizens” because when is the last time you saw someone carrying an M-16 rifle on the street? Getting guns off the street sounds far more reasonable than banning any form of private gun ownership. Banning assault weapons sounds reasonable until there’s a Katrina like event. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin described the hideous acts of violence by drug addicts cut off from their usual supply by the hurricane. In a situation like that, assault weapons would be the most effective self defense there is when no calls to 911 for help will be answered.

Anyone that says assault weapons should be banned has not heard Ray Nagin’s description of drug withdrawn zombies killing without hesitation and absolute barbarism. A family facing this level of danger would be well served by several M-16s and plenty of ammunition when no one is coming to their rescue. Hurricane Sandy has reminded us that in Katrina-like disasters impact far more people than Sandy Hook-style massacres — and that surviving their aftermath may require deadly force by otherwise peaceful law-abiding people. Assault weapons would serve this purpose like no other weapon. In a situation like this, who is anyone to tell the Smith Family or the Jones Family what kind of gun they can have?

If we could just convince all the violent criminals and murderous sociopaths to follow gun-control laws, perhaps gun control could be effective at curtailing criminal gun violence. Expecting the criminally insane to follow laws new or old is like trying to teach your dog to drive. You are likely to be very disappointed in the results.

To protect yourself with guns of any type should be a choice as a free American. I don’t personally feel the need to walk around armed but I would never stand in the way of someone else doing so. I don’t even own a gun at the moment, but I know how to use them safely and effectively. When I was 10 years old, I was given a 12-gauge shotgun for Christmas. It was an incredibly lethal weapon, but my father drilled into me proper gun safety. He taught me guns are like any tool. When used properly, guns can provide food on the table or defend your family from attack.

There will always be people who use tools improperly, even insanely so. There is a guy on Youtube that juggles three running chain saws. Do we feel the need to outlaw chain saws because of one insane individual? I cut a chord of wood yesterday with a chain saw, and never once did I get the urge to juggle with it.

No law will ever enforce common sense and decency.

Dave Kraft