Contribute for the love of it

I am a cyclist. I cycle the roads between Aspen and Rifle. I cycle the bike path. I have cycled to Maroon Bells. All cyclists benefit from the roads and trails being well kept and clean. What’s the big deal about financially contributing to our enjoyment.
I would agree that we shouldn’t be required to pay the same as a car, which can carry four to six people up to the Bells, but why not pay $2 a bike?
We don’t pay a registration fee. We don’t have to carry insurance. True, we don’t do as much damage to the roads as motor vehicles — but so what. We are still using the public byways. I say to all cyclists: Don’t whine about this, don’t threaten to ride up a more dangerous road as a protest. Be glad that you live in one of the most beautiful places to cycle and contribute financially to your love of cycling and the place where you live

Niki Delson