T Lazy 7 to the rescue

Let me begin with admitting that for years I have smiled and waved to snowmobilers as I walk or ski up Maroon Creek Road or Independence Pass, but sometimes internally grumbling as they pass.
Today, while walking up Maroon Creek with my dog and a friend’s dog, the friend’s dog went down to the creek and couldn’t get back up the steep embankment in all this snow.  A T Lazy 7 guide stopped, radioed to base, and in no time, Rick Deane and David were there, roped up, and rescued the dog.
From now on, my smile and wave to snowmobilers will be genuine, coming from gratitude and appreciation for not only their dog rescue, but also for their maintenance of the road, creating a Nordic track for the skiers, and their friendliness in sharing the road with skiers, hikers, winter bikers and dogs.

Shereen Sarick