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Everyone loves to shop locally, in theory, but in practice it can be easy to succumb to the dark side of Internet purchasing. That’s not shopping! Shopping means getting out and meeting local shop owners and artisans who will be much more thankful for your purchase than some mega corporation…

At times, finding gifts for the gear lovers in your life can be tricky. Many gear heads can seem to have the latest and greatest of everything. Here are several options that might not be in their caches yet.  

I realize that this is our annual shopping guide, and, ostensibly, I should be using this space for more shopping-related information, but I would be remiss if I were to say nothing about the goings-on out in Snowmass this weekend. Change has been a long time coming to Base Village, but it’s…

Meet Miss Bordeaux. She’s regal: part French royal landowning family descendent, part Greek shipping heir. Her father has a collection of scabbards in his study, encrusted with Viking blood. They were archeological finds from a great uncle.

Rose-Garcia self-released his first album, “Roll the Bones,” as Shakey Graves in 2011 and now plays with amp stacks behind him rather than a hat in front.

Richard F. Kaufman passed away on November 27 after an accidental fall while vacationing with his family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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