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As temperatures begin to spike, melting off what’s left of the high-country snowpack, river watchers are anticipating this season’s languid peak flows in the Roaring Fork watershed in the coming days. When exactly those flows will take place, how long they will last and how below normal they…

The Aspen woman who stole over $570,000 from her sister’s physician practices in the valley pleaded guilty to felony theft last month, and while she may avoid a jail sentence, prosecutors are seeking restitution of just over $675,000, an amount that includes interest.

A judge Friday ordered the Aspen man who has had multiple unusual contacts with Snowmass Village police in recent months to have no voluntary contact with four of the department’s officers, including the police chief.

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If there’s a soundtrack to the world of action sports – and let’s face it, there is – it’s coming from Aspen’s own DJ Naka G. From Olympic venues in Pyeongchang, Rio, Sochi and Vancouver to virtually every X Games iteration, Naka G, Aspen High School class of 1995, is the guy spinning the tu…

Between loft and fill and some other terms no one ever knows the difference between, puffy technology has gone through the roof.

  • By John Zelazny, Time Out Music Columnist

In the early days of electronic music – what I like to call “roots electronic" – electronic musicians may have sampled live instrumentation, but live instrumentation was rarely incorporated into their own repertoire live. Many believed that the two just wouldn’t work together or that, given …

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I used to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was easy. It might be major sports figure, or an actor. They did impossible things, and conquered soaring feats. You also thought about the school principal — a real role model.  But he didn’t last past his next silly rule.