Sonya Meyer

Singer, actress and ski instructor Sonya Meyer

It’s a story well known to most anyone who lives in the valley: someone comes here to ski-bum for six months, and then they just end up staying. It happened to me. It happened to dozens of my acquaintances, and if you’re reading this in print, there’s a decent chance it happened to you too. You’ve heard the story before, but chances are you’ve never heard it told quite like Sonya Meyer will tell it – and sing it – this Monday and Tuesday at Carbondale’s Thunder River Theatre.

A lifelong skier, singer and actress raised in Seattle, Meyer will be telling the tale of how she left the bright lights of Broadway behind to move to Colorado after her six-month ski-bum sojourn led to a career as a full-time ski instructor in Snowmass.

“I’d been living in New York for four years and I just thought, ‘No regrets. Do everything you think you want to do now, in your 20s,’” said Meyer. “And I was like, ‘Well, I’ve never been a ski bum.’”

A move to the mountains followed, one thing led to another, and now Meyer is an entrenched local, like so many before her. That’s the tale behind the stories and songs Meyer will be sharing in “A Day of Sky: A Cabaret for Climate Change,” but as the name suggests, there’s a deeper thread involved.

“The overarching message is essentially this desire to inspire and also a call to action,” said Meyer. “So I’ve been talking to climate-change organizations and groups in the valley, and my goal is to – once I have the audience together and I’ve inspired them, hopefully – give them an action-plan list of what can you do, how can you get involved, what’s going on, what’s being done, so that when you leave the theater you’ve been inspired and now you can do something about it.”

The songs Meyer selected for the evening are all “really personal” and in some way reflect her love of the mountains and nature. There will also be some parodies and other tunes that Meyer will take out of context to make them relevant to climate change. With her deep background in musical theater and a voice that would be conquering the Great White Way if it hadn’t opted for the snowy white way, Meyer is certain to entertain, even if you have heard the story before.

“A Day of Sky: A Cabaret for Climate Change” will be at Thunder River Theatre Jan. 21-22 (both shows at 8 p.m.), but if you can’t make it to Carbondale, Meyer will perform the show again at the Collective in Snowmass Base Village on March 15.

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