Aspen’s Casterline|Goodman Gallery recently launched a new partnership program with Blue Gate Gallery in Santa Fe. Casterline|Goodman has loaned a selection of its blue-chip artwork to be showcased at Blue Gate for an exhibition running now through the start of December. 

Through the new partnership, Blue Gate’s exhibition features contemporary investment art from Casterline|Goodman’s secondary investment selections, including works by artists Alex Katz, Frank Stella, James Rosenquist, Fritz Sholder, John McCraken and David Hockney. 

The exhibition marks Casterline|Goodman’s first time exhibiting in Santa Fe and signals the start to its Gallery Partnership Program — which plans to expand beyond Blue Gate to other galleries across the country and internationally. 

Robert Casterline, co-owner and founder of Casterline|Goodman, said that this new program was instigated through conversations with his business partner and the gallery’s other co-owner, Jordan Goodman. 

“We were talking a few months ago about how we could get our artwork out into the public sphere when things are slow in Aspen,” Casterline said. 

He went on to explain how they wanted to focus their outreach efforts on a place that wasn’t necessarily tied to having traction only in the winter and summer seasons. Santa Fe has an active market and strong client base throughout the fall season, spanning the months of September through early December, Casterline said.

The gallery owners then targeted Blue Gate — which is Santa Fe’s newest contemporary investment art gallery, located in a 1930s adobe spot on Canyon Road — to loan a selection of secondary works and extend their art advising to the Santa Fe community. 

“Not many galleries do this because it’s financially restrictive to loan your art out to other galleries,” Casterline said. “Most importantly for us is to broaden our client base and work as a pure partner with these other galleries.”

Since the exhibition opened at Blue Gate about a month ago, Casterline said it’s been “amazingly successful.” Aside from showcasing a high-end representation of what Casterline|Goodman offers, the gallery owner said he’s been able to meet many new clients with hopes to continue growing the art advisory side of his business. 

Advising is a large part of what this new partnership program entails, explained Casterline — who has been selling art in Aspen for nearly three decades. He opened his first art gallery in town in 1995 and then partnered with Goodman in 2012 to open their Casterline|Goodman Gallery in Aspen. The duo has since expanded from the gallery’s primary space on East Cooper Avenue to launch a second location in 2021 at The Little Nell. 

Casterline|Goodman’s Little Nell gallery spot focuses on secondary artwork and art-advising services, as it’s not so much about selling work off the wall as it is about advising clients on artwork with “established investment potential,” Casterline explained. 

With a hand now in the Santa Fe art market, Casterline said that there’s been a few collectors who’ve visited Blue Gate and are already inquiring about further consultation from Casterline|Goodman when it comes to collection goals. 

Blue Gate’s response has also been positive. The Santa Fe gallery is in discussions with Casterline|Goodman about keeping its inventory permanently — which is the exact kind of partnership that Casterline aimed to accomplish. 

Looking ahead, Casterline said he hopes to extend his art advisory reach to other places and continue growing his gallery’s secondary collection by picking up great pieces, little by little. Casterline|Goodman is currently targeting around three other gallery locations as next potential partners in the new program, Casterline said, though nothing has been confirmed. He mentioned that they’re working to foster more big-city gallery relationships in these endeavors. 

“It’s a very fluid situation, and we’re trying to figure out what works best for everyone involved,” Casterline said. “If anything, a future partnership wouldn’t be as much of a tourist location but more of a city location — partnering with a gallery that has been in a city with an established client base and introducing our inventory to their clients.”

Casterline said he’s open to speaking with any interested collectors, prospective galleries and community members regarding this new partnership program or the gallery and can be reached at 

Jacqueline Reynolds is an arts & entertainment reporter for the Aspen Daily News. She can be reached at