This is Caught, the column that reports people recognized for doing good things. Sometimes this may be as simple as witnessing a stranger picking up a piece of garbage while crossing the street and emailing to let us know, and other times it’s congratulating a community member for their contributions. Either way, there are lots of positive things happening in the Roaring Fork Valley and we want you to know about them.

• Acupuncturists treat people all over this valley for ailments and general health. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. While the practitioners likely receive thanks for their successes, one local acupuncturist walked into their office recently to a bouquet of peonies. They were a thank-you from a patient whose prognosis wasn’t great, and though that patient would likely experience ongoing treatment, the patient wanted to express gratitude to the acupuncturist for even trying.

• Another local reported that he had breakfast at Poppycock’s earlier this week. When he went up to the counter to pay his bill, the cashier let him know that his tab had already been covered by two gentlemen from the Midwest who were also dining in the restaurant. They were just paying it forward.

• The Aspen Art Museum gathered a group of women last Friday afternoon for a Wikipedia-a-Thon. What is that? It’s a session of editing Wikipedia entries, this time to make them more gender-balanced for women in the arts. Reportedly, just a quarter of Wikipedia entries are written by females and many contain gender biases. The volunteer participants—including one who heard about the session that morning while skinning Tiehack—updated articles and shared their own stories, all over croissants and coffee, provided by the museum.

• Aspen’s newest, cutest restaurant, Bear Den, opened quietly a few weeks ago. Owner Alia Joonas is running a breakfast, lunch and dinner spot out of the small Victorian on the corner of Hopkins Avenue and Monarch Street. Already logging long hours, she stayed open late on Saturday to host a group of locals for a candlelit dinner in the cozy-chic space—just to get up early for breakfast service the next day. No sleep for the dedicated. Next up is Joonas, a tapas-style restaurant that will open in the downstairs location in the same corner (formerly the Steak Pit and Cooking School of Aspen.) Read more about Bear Den on page 12.

• On a personal note, this week I’ve been soliciting friends to submit their experiences of kindness for this column. My friend Charles Lucarelli has been on the hunt. On Friday, he showed up to my office with a bottle of green juice and said, “This is for you. If you can’t find kindness, create it.”

Do you have good news to share or someone to recognize? Did you witness a stranger performing a random act of kindness? Help us spread the word: