Have you witnessed someone doing something good for another person? How about a random act of kindness? Or just an encouraging word. We report a lot of news today that feels, well, downright depressing. But there are a lot of positive things happening out there, too, and we want to celebrate those little moments in our community.

Please email us at caught@aspendailynews.com when you catch someone in the act of positivity. These will be posted anonymously each week in Local Weekly, so don’t worry about getting names, or just embarrassing another person. It doesn’t even have to be written well, we’ll take care of that. We just want to share good news.

Example: “We flew home last weekend into the Aspen airport after a connection in Salt Lake City. My husband lost his wallet somewhere between folding up the stroller on the jetway and our car in Aspen. Ten days went by and he lost hope; nobody had used the credit cards, but still, the wallet had not turned up. This morning, a man named Mark showed up on our porch (our address was on the driver’s license) with my husband’s wallet. Talk about honesty, and five-star service! Thank you for returning it.”

Now let’s start spreading the good news.