This is Caught, the column that reports people recognized for doing good things. Sometimes this may be as simple as witnessing a stranger picking up a piece of garbage while crossing the street and emailing to let us know, and other times it’s congratulating a community member for their contributions. Either way, there are lots of positive things happening in the Roaring Fork Valley and we want you to know about them.

• Snowmass Village Police Sergeant Dave Heivly was spotted in civilian ski attire, on his day off, assisting Snowmass Ski Patrol with a skier having a medical issue. It was 8:45 a.m. on a powder day. As the incident occurred 40 feet from the Sam’s Knob patrol room, patrol could absolutely have handled the situation. However, Dave and his wife, Caroline, simply couldn’t just ski by. They gave up first tracks to help the skier in need while others whizzed past, tracking up the fresh goodness. As Dave said, “Good karma trumps first tracks.”

• Snowmass Village local and business owner Reed Lewis had this to say on Facebook: “I lost my Snowmass Village tax refund check somewhere in the village a week or so ago. It just turned up … in the mail from Rachel and Samuel Kaplan from Wellesey, Mass. Thank you! There are still so many good people in the world doing good things for others. I appreciate you!”

• The Power of Four is an impressive feat for racers who ski mountaineer 25 miles and ascend more than 11,000 vertical feet—in one day. In addition, volunteers and staff make the whole thing possible. Some are posted along the course in the backcountry, in bitter temperatures, to make sure that the racers pass by safely. Others stand by at road crossings and fuel stations. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and expertise, and congrats to all the racers.

• Local skier and business owner Adam Mozynski left his wedding ring in an Aspen gondola when he took it off to put on some moisturizer to soothe dry hands over the weekend. He was obviously forlorn. One kind and attentive liftie spotted the abandoned jewelry and passed it on to the lost and found, where Mozynski recovered it a few days later. His wife, Darcy Conover, is grateful.

• Gladys, the floral manager at City Market in El Jebel, is a ray of sunshine. I was in there to get a dozen balloons filled for a party, with my toddler in tow. She blew up a special polka dot balloon to keep him occupied during the process. He promptly popped it. So she gave him another, and as we were walking out he popped it again, and she came running through the front door with a replacement. Her kindness made what would have been a painful experience simply enjoyable.

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