Legends of the First Empire

"The Legends of the First Empire"

The Legends Of The First Empire" is a series comprised of three books: 

"Age of Myth," "Age of Swords" and "Age Of War" ("Age of War" is due to be released on July 3).

"Age of Myth" relates the story of the beginning of the great war between the "Fhrey" (elves) and the "Rhunes" (humans). After years of begrudging tolerance, the Fhrey decide that the humans are becoming a serious threat to their world. They're filthy and barbaric, and they breed like rats. 

Though they have long been separated by a truce and the natural boundary of the great river Bern, the Fhrey lose their patience when one of their own is killed by a pair of Rhune warriors, Raithe and his father Herkimer of clan Dureya. Though knowingly trespassing across the river boundary, they figured they could get away with a little clandestine hunting without being discovered, just to keep from starving. They were sadly mistaken.

In the ensuing fight the Fhrey prince kills Herkimer and is himself killed by Raithe with the aid of the prince's human slave. This action will set in motion events of a violent and fatal nature for their peoples. As the Fhrey mobilize and chase the miscreants back into the lands of the Rhune, they implement a scorched-earth strategy, laying waste to the human villages they come across and killing all of the inhabitants.

Raithe's village is the first to go, falling under the swords and sorcery of the angry and vengeful elves. Raithe, now known as the "Godkiller" is unaware of this as they chase him to the village of Dhal Rhen and the home of Persephone and a final reckoning.

"Myth" introduces us to the main characters of the series as well as the lands and the races that inhabit them; the Fhrey, the Rhune and the the Dherg (dwarves) and their relationships to each other. "Swords" continues to follow the characters and events of "Myth," building on the developing relationships of the various characters and the develop- ing animosity between the races.

Persephone has become the chieftain of Dhal Rhen and is now responsible for their safety. When the Fhrey use giants to attack and destroy Dhal Rhen, she must act to save what and who she can, to retreat and live to fight another day. She calls for a rendezvous of all the human clans to elect a "Keeneg," a single person who will rule over the united Rhune clans in times of trouble – and trouble, in the form of angry, vengeful elves, is coming.

While all of this is being sussed out, Persephone must travel to the Dherg land of Belgreig to procure weapons for the upcoming war if humanity is going to have any chance of survival at all.

These books are "high fantasy" in the truest sense of the phrase: creative, adventurous and exciting, written with dry wit and expansive humor. If you enjoy all those things, as well as characters that you will truly miss once you're finished reading, then you will love not only "The Legends Of The First Empire" but all of Michael J. Sullivan's wonderful series.

– Mark Billingsley