It’s house party time! I was lucky enough to be invited to something almost every night this week. Most parties were hosted in homes, big and small, but one thing held true throughout: The dress code was “festive.” What, exactly, is that?  

In some circles it may just mean ski pants that were on for the day with an added turtleneck in red, silver or gold and a necklace of battery-powered tree lights. In other circles, festive is as gorgeous and luxurious as it gets. You’ve got bank? There’s a million ways to show “festive.” Liquid, shine, fur or glitter in silver or gold on everything from a manicure to the envy-inducing pocketbooks that grace our local Rodeo Drive at this time of year. Have you even seen the stuff in our windows? The streets of Aspen may not be paved with gold, but there’s enough bling in the shop windows just now to give the off-kilter stock market watchers some painful agita.

For the everyman, there’s a fine line between a costume that’s fun or too much and a seriously pretty outfit that is entirely chic with considered restraint and high-glam intent. 

As I bopped between the St Regis, Red Mountain and Northstar, “festive” had broad appeal. Plaid felt Xmas-y when polo player Nacho Figueras wore it to a Champagne reception at The St. Regis and also when seen on actress Saye Yabandeh in the form of a kick-pleat mini-dress. Her diamond-encrusted nude fishnets gave it even more holiday context. 

Super theme-party local host with the most Mary T looked the ultimate sophisticate in a black-silver glitter pantsuit at her fun-filled celebration and encouraged guests to try more daring costumes. Marcy Maloy’s snowman skirt was fun and sweet, while Shannon Wildrick’s silver sequin confection made me so jelly (my new word for fashion envy, colloquially shortened “jealous”) I wanted to go change into an identical one in gold and play like a sister from another mother.

Jay Jacobson got away with a goofy holiday tie I think because Susie Jacobson was a pure monochromatic dream in cream! And the winter white, black, sparkle and silver confections continued on a Charlie’s Angels trio of pals, perfectly blending Kerry Ann, Susie Maghan Garrett and Kimberly together. Solid sequin selections looked stellar and simple on Kelly Potter, in navy, and Diane Henry, in gold and cream.  

There were gold pants and silver suits on guys for the occasion, worn with glee and zero embarrassment. However, the purchase of a festive, fuzzy and insanely warm vintage Pendleton coat from Susie’s Consignment store by Jeff McMahan (yes, a guy), which has a Nakima Chief Dedication sewn inside, may be the Xmas heirloom find of the year. The fact that he wore it over a chunky vintage Obermeyer knit made me smile.

Everyone needs a little renaissance and nostalgia at Christmas time. May the stockings hanging from your mantel be fur-lined or cable-knit cozy (or at least recycled). And may all of your holiday design schemes be white.