Closing time’s costume parties bring out the innovative, the creative, the topical and the plain, old-school, après freak to slut-chic in everyone at Highlands on the last “official” day. Although we have another six outings to enjoy, above and beyond normal scheduled season dates, I’d expect some skin and bathing-suit style to emerge in the sunshine but nowhere near the pitch of closing party fever.

For my money, the best dressed was Eva McDonough, an Aspen high-schooler, whose “Ski Rex” just towered over everyone, and seeing her ski down in this insanely clever costume was like a mash-up dream sequence from a particularly weird music video directed by someone completely off the wall – like, maybe, Tim Burton?

Just as pleasing was a really convincing Freddy Mercury, acted out by DJ Tenza, who kept in character in celebration of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the recent awards season and the timely revival of Queen.

There was the usual dose of neon, always a crowd pleaser at a historic party, and much giggling and enjoyment from about nine bachelor party boys who attended huddled together from New York, appropriately wearing sharks.

With Superheroes abounding, I spotted Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and so on. There was also a dude sitting on a Donald Trump head, not entirely sure what his costume was as he wouldn’t let me take the picture. Anyway, the globe’s current status quo was represented, at least in the zeitgeist of entertainment and fantasy.

With tutus and tiaras, Disney characters, princesses and, of course, the fewer but still ubiquitous unicorns, the trend toward groups dressed alike or in theme was the big deal this year. I didn’t see them meet but fancied the idea of the nine or so USA synchronized swim team girls in matching patriotic swim caps and bathing suits connecting with the New York sharks. When you’re in the melee of closing day, this passes for normal thinking.

Next up it’s Snowmass and Aspen, but I’ll call it here. What a great, great season at Highlands. I’ve never enjoyed the mountain more. Thank you to all the hard-working patrollers, hospitality crews and guest services people who made it run smoothly.