Off-piste parties were the name of my Food & Wine Classic in Aspen this year. It made for a super interesting smorgasbord of exposure to new things, all of which piqued interest. In fact, the only thing I didn’t do was go to a Grand Tasting, but from everywhere else, the fashion flag flew big.

This year the buzz about including CBD products led me to some Shakti Yoga hosted by Jayne Gottlieb. I’ve never found the time to do yoga during the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, but accompanied by water-fruit infusion recovery drink called Caliper coming soon from Stillwater Brands, it made for a calm -down-down-dog time, so yoga pants on boys and girls were the first order of fashion.

Next it was the stand-out sunglasses and the on-theme but not costume-y clothes around town that appealed the most.

The weather first disobeyed itself while I was at a private party to celebrate the Lodi region of California, and a big ole rain shower always happens at the Smuggler Mine, so hats and headwear were interestingly fashion-ready though the partying was at nighttime.

By Saturday when the mountain was open, there was a mix of locals genuinely in ski clothes, everyone else in food and drink theme duds, a wedge sandal wave and some looks that incorporated them all and looked just plain pretty. Here’s my mix. It’s a heady cocktail.