Editor’s note: This event is being co-sponsored by local magazine, which is a product of the Aspen Daily News

If there’s one thing that Aspen locals can all agree on, it’s that they love being locals.

To help celebrate that feeling, the folks at L’Hostaria are hosting a 23rd anniversary party on Friday dedicated to locals and all things local.

“I think after 23 years — if you’re able to reach that — the feeling is like, ‘I want to say thank you to the community,’” said Tiziano Gortan, founder and owner of L’Hostaria. “It’s a thanks to all those who support us.”

The event will feature live music by the Midnight Lighting band and a special menu sourced by Farm Runners out of Paonia. Twenty percent of the event’s proceeds will go toward the Aspen Animal Shelter. Benefiting the shelter is the restaurant’s way of supporting and thanking the local nonprofits, Gortan said.

“From delicious food to live music to adoptable pets, Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter is grateful to Tiziano, Fabrizio and the entire L’Hostaria staff for including us in their locals’ gathering, and we are excited to celebrate with the community on Friday night!” Seth Sachson, executive director of the shelter, wrote in an email.

The event is also co-sponsored by local magazine, which launched this summer as a bi-annual publication that celebrates and explores “the best things in life” in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Choosing to partner with the magazine “made perfect sense” given the theme of the evening, said Emily Sedgwick, a former L’Hostaria employee who is helping promote the event.

“Local, visitor, whoever walks in feels like they’re walking into Tiziano’s home,” Sedgwick said of L’Host. “Everyone’s taken well care of. It’s a safe haven in town.”

Gortan, who grew up in Italy, said that looking back at the 23 years of L’Hostaria in Aspen, he thinks they’ve done “so many great things.” That’s why he is trying to give back to the community.

“I moved here because I was young and curious,” said Gortan. “I felt really comfortable in Aspen, and that feeling is still in my soul. The beauty of the valley, the fresh air and the seasons.”

Reservations can be made by calling 970-925-9022 or by emailing aspen@hostaria.com.

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