South African dance-music sensation GoldFish returns to Belly Up Aspen Friday, Sept. 20, for their third set at the intimate mountain venue. Cape Town locals Dom Peters and David Poole have influenced the house music scene over the past decade with their unique instrument-rooted sound. After studying jazz at the University of Cape Town, Poole dove into dance music production. Using his classical training, he has been able to write grooves and melodies that are capable of dragging even the most hesitant fans onto the dance floor.

Peters has carried a passion for music production since age 6. That’s when he was caught coloring in the keys of his parents’ piano, claiming he could “hear the colors.” His parents were not quite as thrilled. Peters fell in love with electronic production after becoming frustrated with the fact that he could not always put into words exactly what he was hearing in his head.

After Peters and Poole had been regularly playing jazz gigs separately in Cape Town, they teamed up as an electronic duo. Poole would always joke about Peters’ short-term memory, saying he had the memory of a GoldFish. Thus, the band was born.

GoldFish has introduced dance fans worldwide to their sound, everywhere from clubs to massive festival stages. The bubbling duo incorporates alto and tenor saxophone, stand-up bass, flute, and keys to their grooving house beats, peppered with African-influenced samples along the way.

Most DJs simply rely on two to four turntables and a mixer, but that is not enough for GoldFish. They combine jazz and dance music for a never-before-seen show that leaves fans around the world buzzing for more. GoldFish has solidified themselves as a mainstay in modern dance music. The duo has garnered over 1.5 million Spotify plays a month, with listeners hailing from Africa to South America. The duo has mastered the art of not only bringing together dance fans from around the world but have also brought an entirely fresh perspective to the often monotonous DJ set.

Dance-music makers demand high energy, along with producing a massive spectacle. The same-old-same DJ standing behind an LED wall with turntables can lose the "wow" factor of going to an electronic show. This is exactly where GoldFish comes in, doing something different.

Their contagious energy on stage is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face as you boogie across the dance floor. Peters’ and Poole’s jazz training early on in their careers has set them apart from the status quo of modern dance music. It’s also allowed them to unlock key elements within their live show that other DJs and producers simply cannot do.