Hell's Belles

Hell's Belles

Hell’s Belles isn’t the only AC/DC cover band out there. Hell, there are hundreds of them. There are so many AC/DC cover bands that Hell’s Belles isn’t even the only all-girl variety, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t my favorite AC/DC all-female tribute act.

Hell’s Belles has played shows all over the world, and they are even endorsed by Angus Young (who might have a better chance endorsing a pack of cigarettes) and the rest of AC/DC. They play everywhere, and that means they play in Aspen. In fact, they are the only AC/DC cover band that plays in Aspen, which is another reason they are my favorite tribute group. The all-lady act will be headlining the Belly Up this Saturday, Dec. 8.

With so many similar acts out there, Hell’s Belles is able to stick out because they do what they do extremely well. They also share a love of AC/DC with every associated act, so there is more camaraderie than competition.

When Hell’s Belles first came together in 1999, they had never heard of anyone doing an all-female tribute to any group at all, so they knew they were going to get some attention. The curiosity of seeing females pull off an act that’s actually made up of all men who generally play for packed arenas was enough to bring people out to the shows back then, and it’s still an encouraging force.

When Hell’s Belles hits the stage, people’s first reaction is to go crazy because people, even ones who didn’t realize beforehand, love AC/DC. And, after playing this music live for 15 years, Hell’s Belles play the music as well as the originals, and at a place like the Belly Up you can get right up next to the female Angus Young, who shreds her guitar to pieces on the stage next to the female Bon Scott/Brian Johnson (AC/DC went through a few band member changes over the years) who belts out spot-on lyrics to everyone’s favorite songs.

In the beginning, being an all-female group helped them quite a bit, but they would not still be around if they couldn’t do the music justice. People are still coming out to the shows time and time again because it’s proven to be a good time, every time.

Kyle Landers, up-and-coming Aspenite and all-female tribute-band enthusiast, has seen Hell’s Belles every time they have played in Aspen since the Double Diamond days. He told me recently, “I live for all-girl tribute bands of this magnitude. Don’t let the all-girls tag fool you: These chicks rock! AC/DC is universal and timeless just like that long-haired dude from ‘Full House,’ and Hell’s Belles is the premier AC/DC act of our time. You better believe that I will be front and center for this show and every future show.”

AC/DC’s music just does something for your soul, and these girls capture the noise, rowdiness and rambunctiousness. It will make you forget about the troubles of your life, your work-day strife, your problems and even your ski-boot shin bang. If you like live music and have heard of the ’80s, then this all-ladies tribute band will rock you off your ass, and you shouldn’t miss it.

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