Hoka Shoes

The Speedgoat Mid Waterproof from Hoka One One is designed to take on all manner of technical trail. The exterior features a waterproof bootie that keeps out the cold, rain, snow and mud. Using Hoka’s well known midsole design the platform of the Speedgoat is wide and stable, and using a Vibram sole the shoe has unbeatable grip on any kind of trail. From the rocky mountains, to the sandy desert and everywhere in between, this model from Hoka One One has help up and kept my feet moving.

My first impression on slipping them on was that they were the wrong size. They were well cushioned and comfortable, unlike some of my stiffer hiking shoes. But the second I hit the trail I realized they were spot on, I just wasn’t used to wearing clouds on my feet. Hoka One One labels this shoe as “neutral” so I can hardly imagine what the shoes with more cushion feel like.

The Speedgoat also comes in a low cut on the ankle, but given the varied conditions the tread is designed for, I felt like a little extra ankle support of the mid couldn’t hurt. The molded upper collar fits snugly against my ankle, there is no noticeable difference in feel but it is flexible and my ankle never turned.

The tread of the Speedgoat is made from Vibram® Megagrip, which works well across a variety of terrains, from wet and muddy to sandy or slick rock. The next layer up is the foam that Hoka One One is renowned for, absorbing impact and providing stable footing.

Given the wet conditions that have been pervasive this spring, the Speedgoat has been the perfect trail shoe for even the sloppiest of situations. Smuggler has recently ranged from frozen ground, to watery muck to loose and rocky. The wide platform of the shoe makes me feel stable when its uneven and has no problem tracking the varied trail terrain.

Despite near winter conditions in Aspen, I headed to out for a hike in British Columbia, which was a balmy 85 degrees. I was very concerned, given the waterproof coating, that my feet would overheat. But 5 miles of rocky terrain later my feet were perfectly comfortable. At the end of this hike we decided to pick up the pace and see how the shoe felt at faster speeds. Despite being a few more ounces than other shoes I had, the Speedgoat was as fast the name promised. But the greatest moment was leaving the granite trail for the pavement of the parking lot and feeling like I had marshmallows on the soles of my feet.

— Jordan Curet