Snow Screw

One 8.5" x 13" b/w photograph of Marty and Florence Keller sitting on the Snow Screw which Marty had designed with the backing of D.R.C. Brown Jr., 1983.

Though the current weather pattern would lead us to believe otherwise, mid-March is that time of year that typically ushers in a sun-soaked party atmosphere to perfectly frame the likes of Spring Jam, the Cocktail Classic and other spring break-type festive events.

This column is not about any of those. Details on such marquee events (and don’t forget St. Patty’s Day shenanigans) are easy enough to find for anyone interested in a party – including in these pages. Instead, we’d like to shine some light on some alternative activities that caught our eye. Because, hey, it’s Aspen, and if there aren’t six things to do on any given day in season, something’s amiss.

Sex Power!

Aspen Shakti hosts local life coach and empowered-sexuality expert Lindsay Gurley in the second of two events this month focused on how sexual energy can be channeled into your relationships — with a partner and everything else. The three-hour Yoga + Empowered Sexuality Workshop (March 15, 6:30-9:30 p.m., $75) includes a yoga asana practice, lecture and discussion, experiential practices and exercises. It’s designed to give participants tools and practices to harness sexual energy to empower themselves to create the experiences they desire. More info at

Don’t Get Lucky, Get Sustainable

Join author Melissa Rappaport Schifman at Explore Booksellers on Sunday, March 17, from 5:30-7 p.m. (then go drink green beer afterward), to hear about how she got her home LEED Gold certified. The author of the indispensable guidebook, “Building a Sustainable Home,” will also discuss the costs and benefits of greening her home, how to weed through what can be an overwhelming set of decisions and what “sustainable” really means for our collective health and wealth.


Wednesday, March 20, is your last chance to watch a zombie movie at the Aspen Art Museum. Well, unless they decide to do another zombie-themed season. “Warm Bodies,” about a teenage zombie who saves a friend from the undead, is the final film in AAM’s and Aspen Film’s Zombie Survival Movie Club series, a free program of zombie classics and recent releases. The series accompanies the AAM’s exhibition Zombies: Pay Attention (through May 12), which features work by 24 artists that examines the concept of the “undead” and how the figure of the zombie is used in contemporary culture to signify fear and anxiety. Showtime at 5:15 p.m.

Screw It

What is a snow screw? Find out, up close and personal, at a snow screw demonstration at the base of Buttermilk on Thursday, March 21, from 4-5 p.m. This 1930s-era snow machine propels itself forward on two giant screw-shaped pontoons that move in a spiral motion, thereby actually screwing into the snow. The Aspen Historical Society partnered with Aspen Skiing Co. to restore the contraption, which is thought to be a little-used (and perhaps not-so-efficient) precursor to today’s snowcats. Or it could’ve been just a way to get up a snowy road. Decide for yourself when you see it in action.