Is he single

From left, Erin Greenwood, Clara Curry, Jess Gurrentz and Caroline Iles.

“Is he single? You know, that guy. You’ve seen him around town. Yeah, at the party the other night, and I’m pretty sure that was him riding up Lift 1A on Sunday. Who is he? Why don’t I know him? Can we change that?”

Four young women in Aspen—Erin Greenwood, Jess Gurrentz, Clara Curry and Caroline Iles—last fall started an Instagram account called “is.he.single.” It’s cheeky, it’s funny, it’s single women in Aspen expressing the trials of navigating single life in Ski Town, USA. But not just any ski town. This is Aspen, skiing’s Hollywood. Young people, attractive people, athletic people. Here we are all trying to spark something meaningful between someone special. Or maybe just a one-night stand—did I say ski town? The search, the ups and downs; it’s an experience. Sometimes good, bad, great, awful.

There’s local buzz around this page. And no, it’s not a meme account. “One time at a party, someone stopped one of us and was like, ‘Oh my god, are you one of the “is.he.single” girls? I am obsessed with your account. I’m fangirling so hard right now,’” says Clara, 27. “And then there was one guy who was interested in one of us who said he was really intimidated by our group and worried about ending up on the account!”

Guys, don’t worry, IHS always respects privacy and keeps it anonymous.

So, how did we get here?

“is.he.single started out after one of our friend’s birthdays, sitting around, hungover, painting, brainstorming how to get what we want and need out of relationships in a mountain town,” says Erin, 30. “Whether it was a one night stand, a few month fling, or whatever, we kept saying, ‘Is he single? Is he single?’ And named our group chat “is he single.” Then we started sharing screenshots of our group text to our personal Instagram accounts and when that got to be popular, we decided to make a dedicated account.” Social commentary on, catharsis from Bumbling and Tindering. Ugh. From seeing the guy you are in the middle of a conversation with eyeing that spacesuit-clad Eastern European at the Red Onion. From being subjected to the desperately unoriginal. From the girls of Aspen to the guys: Chances are yes, we have a touring setup, and no, that’s not how we want to spend a first date.

In only four months, is.he.single has amassed just shy of 1,000 followers on Instagram. “We started off with a bang; we promoted local singles on the radio and tried to get them dates, we hosted a singles mixer at a local gallery, started making memes and got into some meme wars with other locals' side accounts within the first two months—all of which put us on the map,” says Caroline, 29. “By December, we were approached by the Belly Up to do some giveaways, which gained us some followers as well.” There is now an “is.she.single” account, but it’s lacking. There are imitators, but they, too, lack. is.he.single has brio.

And that’s not all.

“We really stand by being a singles support network,” says Jess, 26. “By that, we mean being a platform for dating in a ski town community by bringing people together and making relatable content for dating in an unconventional setting. We also want to drum up more conscious connection and encourage communication—things that really lack in the dating scene for our generation.

“If we can make someone feel better about being ghosted or rejected, make light of a bad dating story or encourage people to respect their partners [or] flings through communication and honesty, we’ve done our job.”

The girls have also hosted two singles mixers, which raised money for Planned Parenthood, and organized a CycleBar class. On April 11, they are planning a speed dating event on Aspen Mountain’s FIS chairlift and a hot dog eating contest (by request of one of their fans). A podcast may also be in the works.

So, is he single? No, not him, that other guy. With the killer smile and a pair of shades. He is?! Stay away you say? He ghosts?

Only one way to find out, and I hear he’s partaking in the hot dog eating contest.

James Rose is on a search for the oldest crow in the county. He can be reached at