Who's Bad

People who know me know that I don’t like everything. And they also know that I am not likely to see a cover band twice. But when it comes to Who’s Bad (the premier Michael Jackson cover band), I make sure to see them every time they come to town.

Who’s Bad is an out-of-this-world act that impresses every time. They have not just one, but two Michael Jackson impersonators who have both clearly gone to major lengths to embody the spirit of the King of Pop, including years of training and reconstructive surgery.

When they take the stage, the younger Michael and the older Michael switch off between songs and keep the crowd amped up for the entire show. Michael Jackson has a catalogue that is unmatched, and Who’s Bad run through the gamut without a pause or a missed dance step, including moonwalks and crotch grabs.

Basically every type of music fan sincerely loves Michael Jackson’s music. There were a few years in the ’90s when it was hard to take him seriously because his life and accusations against him distracted from his prowess as an innovator in pop music. But since his death in 2009 those feelings have faded, and we are once again dumbfounded by one man’s astounding achievements in the studio and on stage.

This Sunday, Jan. 20, everyone will be able to relive a time that is gone when the best Michael Jackson cover band takes the stage at the Belly Up.

Who’s Bad is a six-man group from North Carolina that formed back in 2003. They can perform everything from the Jackson 5 days through the release of “Invincible,” and their live show is an unparalleled observance of pop music’s one true king.

They have been paying tribute to Michael Jackson longer than any other act and are the only one that predates his death. While paying tribute to the King of Pop for more than a decade, their thrilling rendition of Jackson songs have captivated crowds on every continent.

Joseph Bell and Taalib York are the performers who, with smooth vocals and pinpoint choreography, heroically promote the legacy of pop music’s king in front of a six-piece band’s blaring horns and down-deep rhythms. The result is a performance that is delivered with soul and precision outmatched by only Michael Jackson himself.

They are a band of professionals and are always pushing the limits to be more precise in their sound and synchronized dance routines, while trying to raise the excitement of the concertgoers and embodying Michael Jackson’s mission to bring together people of all races, genders and cultures through music.

When they hit the stage at the Belly Up, every MJ fan will feel the adrenaline and scream at the sight of Jackson’s unmistakable silhouette. The energy is magnetic, the musicianship is first class and the dance moves are skillfully inspired. Who’s Bad’s show is a jaw-dropping experience for any first-time viewer, and it will most likely sell out. So please go and get your tickets now, before they run out.

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