Aspen Associates Realty will become part of Christie’s International Real Estate in Aspen.

The brokerage was founded in 2005 by Chris Flynn, who was later joined by partners Scott Davidson, Tony DiLucia, Ryan Elston, and Colter Smith. Aspen Associates Realty declined numerous attempts over the years by other real estate brokerage companies to acquire or merge with them until Christie’s International Real Estate approached them with the opportunity to become founding owners in the Aspen brokerage and grow the company together.

“We are delighted to become owners in the prestigious Aspen brokerage firm operating under the Christie’s International Real Estate brand and are excited about the potential for collaboration with our new Christie’s colleagues,” Flynn said in a press release. “We have certainly performed our due diligence on Christie’s and no other brokerage comes close to offering what Christie’s can provide — namely, a unique connection to the world’s most influential buyers and sellers of real estate.”

Christie’s International Real Estate will be serving the market from two centrally located Aspen business offices and will work in close collaboration with Christie’s art and luxury good specialists and the entire Christie’s International Real Estate global team.

Christie’s opened a real estate office in Aspen earlier this year, founded by Alex and Laren Jansen.

“The expansion of Christie’s International Real Estate into Aspen forms part of Christie’s broader plan to ensure that the brand is both represented and prominently displayed in key strategic markets throughout the United States,” Dan Conn, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate, said in a press release. “We are thrilled that the partners in Aspen Associates saw the value of the brand and business and agreed to join as owners in the Christie’s International Real Estate Aspen brokerage.”

Other partners at Aspen Associates Realty include PJ Bory, Lauren Bullard, Ashley Chod, Jonathan Feinberg, Nick Lincoln, Erin Fetter, Ryan Thompson, Reid Hansen, Brady Emens and James Maguire. Michelle Sullivan was the first broker hired on at Christie’s when it opened its office, before the deal with Aspen Associates.