Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the transaction records printed below.




400 W. Hopkins Ave.

Scott Building, Units 3, 4, 8

Built in 1973, this condo has a heated area of 5,140 square feet and includes a penthouse and studio.

$9.875 million




617 W. Main St. Building, Unit A

This is a 398-square-foot mixed-use unit, with a bedroom, built in 1980.


Year to date, Jan. 1 to March 6, 2020

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin County (residential sales only, compared to same time period last year).

Total transactions: 50 (up 25 percent) 

Total sales volume: $129,883,500 (up 59 percent)  

Sales to list price ratio: 94 percent (down 2 percent)

Active listings: 292 (down 18 percent)


Real Estate Transactions

Grantor: Kline, Andrew; Kline, Riddianne

Grantee: Finer, Janis R; Finer, David H

Property: Fixed Week 28 & Floating Weeks GA Resort 27

Cost: $140,000


Grantor: Robin F Philip

Grantee: Auvray, Guillaume

Property: Woodrun V Townhouse 11

Cost: $1,270,000


Grantor: Christensen, Caroline

Grantee: JAS Capital LLC

Property: 617 Main Street Prof BLDG A

Cost: $215,000


Grantor: Ski Inn LLC

Grantee: Kline, James J Trust; Kline, Jerrilynn J Trust

Property: Interlude 301 A

Cost: $935,000


Grantor: 228 Eastwood LLC

Grantee: Hitchner, Ken

Property: Eastwood 9

Cost: $6,300,000


Grantor: Tracy, Richard H; Tracy, Nadyne M

Grantee: McMahon, Patrick

Property: Residence Interest No 5 Aspen Highlands Condo 8205

Cost: $30,000


Grantor: Frazier, Michael Evans Estate of; Frazier, Michael E Estate of; Frazier, Beverly Burt Per Rep

Grantee: Juno 730 LLC

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 730

Cost: $585,000


Grantor: Basalt Vista Affordable Housing Partnership LLC

Grantee: Gabel, Keith; Short, Heather

Property: Basalt Vista Housing Partnership Townhomes 12B

Cost: $270,000


Grantor: Aragon, Tricia Therese

Grantee: Aspen City of

Property: Aspen Water Treatment Plant & AFT Housing 16

Cost: $235,169.81


Grantor: Community Buildings Colorado LLC

Grantee: 400 W Hopkins Condo LLC

Property: Scott Building 3-4; Scott Building 8

Cost: $9,875,000


Grantor: SV Building 8 Development LLC

Grantee: Katchris LLC

Property: One Snowmass East 801

Cost: $5,250,000


Grantor: Chart House Project Owner LLC

Grantee: Dalco15 LLC

Property: $975,000

Cost: Fractional Interest G19 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen MS19 Tunnel Easement


Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: CMH Homes Inc

Property: Woody Creek SUB/PUD 31

Cost: $119,590