Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the transaction records printed below.


3-30 HIGH RE FOTO.png

Downtown Aspen

800 S. Mill St.

Fifth Avenue, Unit 6, Building A

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom condominium features 1,093 square feet of floor space. It’s a top-floor, corner unit with a fireplace. 



3-30 LOW RE FOTO.png

Aspen Village

Lot 140

Built in 1972, this single-wide trailer home has 938 square feet of living space and one bathroom. It sits on a 5,302-square-foot lot and has carport parking.


Year to date, Jan. 1 to March 27, 2020

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin County (residential sales only, compared to the same time period last year).

Total transactions: 63 (up 14 percent) 

Total sales volume: $173,156,000 (up 63 percent)  

Sales to list price ratio: 94 percent (down 2 percent)

Active listings: 305 (down 22 percent)


Real Estate Transactions

Grantor: Allen, Roberta K

Grantee: MJLJ LLC

Property: Fixed Week 11 & Floating Week GA Resort 49

Cost: $135,000


Grantor: Chart House Project Owner LLC

Grantee: Levit Trust

Property: Fractional Interest C10 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen MS10; Tunnel Easement Dancing Bear Residences Aspen

Cost: $975,000


Grantor: Farber D, Steven Trust

Grantee: McLam Snowmass LLC

Property: Top of the Village 101 Aspen Leaf

Cost: $875,000


Grantor: Hughes, Gary; Hughes Lori

Grantee: Baikal Realty VL LLC

Property: Country Club I 17

Cost: $1,900,000


Grantor: Sanchez, Loura K

Grantee: 301 E Hyman LLC

Property: Use Weeks 35, 44, 47 Prospector 103

Cost: $30,000 


Grantor: Herndon Trust; Herndon, Michael C Trustee; Herndon, Teresa W Trustee

Grantee: 301 E Hyman LLC

Property: Use Weeks 14, 40, 48 Prospector 203

Cost: $34,000


Grantor: Douglass, David L Trust; Douglass, David L Trustee

Grantee: 14 Hotaling Court LLC

Property: 1/8 Fee Ownership Residences at the Little Nell Condo F204

Cost: $1,615,000


Grantor: Wells Fargo Bank

Grantee: Guthrie, David

Property: 14 9 86 W2SW4; 15 9 86 E2SE4

Cost: $925,000


Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Landers, Kyle; Landers, Katie

Property: South Aspen Street PUD North CWH-B-200

Cost: $359,996


Grantor: Stephens, Brad

Grantee: Jacobs, Andrew S

Property: Interlude 106 B

Cost: $835,000


Grantor: Black, Judith M Trust; Black, Judith M Trustee; Black, Douglas C Trustee

Grantee: Krenzel Lett Properties LLC

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 533; Assay Hill Lodge 13433

Cost: $825,000


Grantor: Pecarovich, Richard Bradford Trustee; Pecarovich, Richard Bradford Trust

Grantee: Marriott, Robert

Property: Fifth Avenue 13 B

Cost: $827,500


Grantor: Hallisey, William J

Grantee: Woodward, William H

Property: Aspen Village 140

Cost: $200,000


Grantor: Tyler, Sandra Scott Trust; Tyler, Sandra Scott Trustee

Grantee: On Skibbatical LLC

Property: Fifth Avenue 6 A

Cost: $2,430,000