Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the transaction records printed below.


HIGH base village.jpg

Snowmass Base Village Hotel and Residences

65 Wood Road, Unit 517


Three bedroom, three bath residence, built in 2018. Steps away from the Elk Camp Gondola, ownership includes free unlimited skiing for two of Aspen Skiing Co.’s four mountains.


LOW laurelwood 106.jpg

Laurelwood Condos in Snowmass Village

640 Carriage Way, Unit 105

Studio, 518 square feet, one bathroom, built in 1969.

Year to date, Jan. 1 to Feb. 7, 2020

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin County (residential sales only, compared to same time period last year)

Total transactions: 35 (up 52 percent) 

Total sales volume: $96,282,000 (up 90 percent)  

Sales to list price ratio: 94 percent (down 1 percent)

Active listings: 264 (down 21 percent)


Real Estate Transactions

Grantor: Cohen, Stephen L Trustee; Cohen, Stephen L Trust

Grantee: Paton, Nicholas D

Property: Sunrise 4

Cost: $1,100,000


Grantor: Hopkins Barn LLC

Grantee: 625 Hopkins LLC

Property: Aspen Block 99 Barn Commercial

Cost: $1,800,000


Grantor: Hopkins Cabin LLC

Grantee: 623 Hopkins LLC

Property: Aspen Block 99 Cabin Commercial

Cost: $4,600,000


Grantor: Magnolia Peaks LLC

Grantee: Burnt Orange Court LLC

Property: Clasen-Pecjak 2 Access Easement Clasen Pecjak 1 11 10 85 NE4 Easement Access Easement Clasen-Pecjak 2

Cost: $5,000,000


Grantor: Dancing Bear Project Owner 

Grantee: Nieto, Mara; Troop, Jorge

Property: Fractional Interest G4 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen D84 Tunnel Easement

Cost: $950,000


Grantor: Kargman, Robert; Kargman, Marjie

Grantee: Stewart-Pritchett Andrea C Trust

Property: 1/8 Fee Ownership Interest Residences at the Little Nell Condo F200

Cost: $1,650,000


Grantor: Soderling, Ronald E Trustee; Soderling Trust; Soderling Ronald Edmond Trustee

Grantee: Jona Holdings Inc

Property: Aspen Square 407

Cost: $1,310,000


Grantor: Northern Trust Company; Northern Trust Bank

Grantee: Lohi Juniper LLC

Property: Part of Brush Creek Village 2 2 18

Cost: $1,450,000


Grantor: SV Limelight Development LLC

Grantee:  Wood Commercial Properties LLC

Property: Base Village Hotel & Residences 517

Cost: $4,995,000


Grantor: Schenkelberg LLC

Grantee: Circle Star LLC    

Property: Parking Obermeyer Place Condo 112

Cost: $105,313.24


Grantor: SV Building 7 Development LLC

Grantee: Litsey, James W; Litsey, Jana K

Property: One Snowmass 501

Cost: $3,535,000


Grantor: Tomec, Robert J; Tomec, Milana M

Grantee: 301 East Hyman Avenue II LLC

Property: Use Weeks 22, 29, 48 Prospector 102

Cost: $35,000


Grantor: Ramunno, Joseph Louis; Ramunno, Melanie Lynn

Grantee: 301 East Hyman Avenue II LLC

Property: Use Weeks 14, 36, 49 Prospector 202

Cost: $30,600


Grantor: Edelweiss Properties LLC

Grantee: Mulligan Kathy A Trust

Property: Club Interest B4-I Timbers Club at Snowmass B4

Cost: $260,000


Grantor: ASV Aspen Street Owner LLC

Grantee: Christy2017-2 Acquisition LLC

Property: South Aspen Street Sub PUD FM B-2

Cost: $13,400,000


Grantor: Halle, Catherine; Halle, Stanley

Grantee: Platypus LLC

Property: Timbers Club at Snowmass S39

Cost: $125,000


Grantor: Dancing Bear Project Owner LLC

Grantee: Zimmerman, Michael

Property: Fractional Interest A-4 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen DB4 Tunnel easement Dancing Bear Residences Aspen

Cost: $975,000


Grantor: Aspenwood J-17 LLC

Grantee: Kutcipal, David; Sztengel, Kristin

Property: Aspenwood J17; Aspenwood J19

Cost: $600,000


Grantor: BF2012 LLC

Grantee: 800 East Hopkins LLC

Property: Larkspur B1

Cost: $2,225,000


Grantor: Maetzold, Jane L; Aldrich, Steve J

Grantee: Laurelwood 106 LLC

Property: Laurelwood Unit 106 LLC

Cost: $300,000


Grantor: Markey, Kelly; Lester, Kelly

Grantee: Sankowski, Jacquelyn

Property: Smuggler Park 214

Cost: $650,000


Grantor: Osbert, Marian LLC

Grantee: Garza, Antonio Barcelo; Barcelo Garza Antonio

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 441; Assay Hill Lodge 13341

Cost: $1,725,000


Grantor: Dancing Bear Project Owner LLC

Grantee: McCabe Elisabeth; McCabe, Brian

Property: Interest E4 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen DB4 Tunnel Easement

Cost: $975,000