Market snapshot

Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the transaction records printed below.


601 E. Hyman Ave.



601 E. Hyman Ave.

Victorian Square 301


Three bedroom, three bath 1,834-square-foot penthouse built in 2017


35 Campground Lane, Unit H-5


Lower Willows, Snowmass Village

35 Campground Lane, Unit H-5


Studio apartment, 447 square feet, built in 1967



Week of Jan. 17- 24, 2020

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin County (residential sales only, compared to same time period last year)

Total transactions: 11 (up 175 percent) 

Total sales volume: $30,021,000 (up 300 percent)  

Sales to list price ratio: 94 percent (down 3 percent)

Active listings: 236 (down 24 percent)


Real Estate Transactions

Grantor: Victorian Penthouse LLC

Grantee: MJB Mountain Properties LLC

Property: Victorian Square 301

Cost: $9,250,000

Grantor: The Wheeler Square - Casper Family LLC

Grantee: 315 East Hyman Avenue Holdings LLC

Property: Wheeler Square 101,102,103,107,108,109,110,200,201,202,203,


Cost: $10,600,000

Grantor: ASV Aspen Street Owner LLC

Grantee: One Aspen 8 LLC

Property: South Aspen Street PUD South C1

Cost: $8,600,000

Grantor: Vitzthum, Andrew; Vitzthum, Kari

Grantee: Tamarack 10 LLC

Property: Tamarack Townhouses Exemption 10

Cost: $515,000

Grantor: ASV Aspen Street Owner LLC

Grantee: South Aspen LLC

Property: South Aspen Street PUD South FMB1

Cost: $10,730,000

Grantor: Alpine Meadows Aspen LLC

Grantee: Friedheim Capital LLC

Property: Feinsinger Lot Split 1

Cost: $7,333,333

Grantor: Bishop, Rebecca Stirling Trustee; Bishop, Rebecca Stirling Trust

Grantee: Umpleby, Oliver

Property: Willows H5

Cost: $312,000

Grantor: Langdon, Carrie C

Grantee: Engelstad, Robert; Engelstad, Sondra

Property: Club Interest A1-V Timbers Club at Snowmass A!

Cost: $270,000

Grantor: Zucker, Howard B

Grantee: Gilman, Robert S

Property: Fifth Avenue 207-D

Cost: $2,025,000

Grantor: Larrac INV LLC Series H

Grantee: 210 Cooper 2A LLC

Property: 210 Cooper 2A

Cost: $1,850,000

Grantor: Kaiser, Arthur G Trustee; Kaiser, Loretta Ann Trustee; Kaiser Trust

Grantee: Giesecke, Daniel J Trust; Giesecke, Michelle A Trust

Property: Deerbrook Townhome B5

Cost: $2,300,000

Grantor: Lukas, Mira

Grantee: DHLW Aspen LLC

Property: 1/2 Interest Week 8 & Floating Weeks G A Resort 39

Cost: $70,000

Grantor: SV Hotel Residences LLC

Grantee: Frozen Chicken LLC

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 701; Assay Hill Lodge 801; Assay Hill Lodge 13601; Assay Hill Lodge 13701

Cost: $4,250,000