Market snapshot

Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the most recent Pitkin County transaction records.


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Located at 1035 E Durant Avenue, this townhome offers five bedrooms and four bathrooms with almost 4,000 square feet of living space.



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Top floor studio condo with 447 square feet of living space offering ski-in/ski-out access. Short walk to mountain or the pool. Deck offers great views.


Real estate transactions recorded, July 26 - Aug. 1


Grantor: Wiltfang, Jeff

Grantee: Burns, Kimberly Anne

Property: Crystal View Heights 1 7A

Cost: $570,000

Grantor: McGarvey, Eugene J JR Trustee; McGarvey, Eugene J JR Trust

Grantee: Gathright, Jennifer; Gathright, Brian

Property: Top of the Village 101 Aspen Trails

Cost: $885,000

Grantor: Gold, Howard S

Grantee: Duffey, Diana Trust

Property: Oh-be-joyful acres 7

Cost: $$3,195,000

Grantor: Cancilla, Jeanne M

Grantee: Doan, Heather

Property: Concept 600 202

Cost: $1,945,000

Grantor: 619 N Fourth Street LLC

Grantee: 619 B 4th St LLC

Property: Part of Hallams Addition 99 16-20

Cost: $6,000,000

Grantor: Stiehl, Sarah

Grantee: Berry, Alexandra M

Property: Willows B7

Cost: $310,000

Grantor: Second Life LLC

Grantee: Hucklebutt House LLC

Property: Chateau Roaring Fork 30 A

Cost: $2,450,000

Grantor: Goldberg, Alex; Goldberg, Susan O

Grantee: Steiner, Nelson Trust

Property: Club Interest A7-VIII Timbers Club at Snowmass A7

Cost: $275,000

Grantor: Nelson, David W; Malin, Edwin

Grantee: Joshua Enterprises LLC

Property: 15 9 85 SW4SE4 4

Cost: $33,500

Grantor: Ferguson, Robert M; Ferguson, Andrea W

Grantee: Berg, Erik S; Berg, Summer Woodson

Property: Melton Ranch II 23

Cost: $2,035,000

Grantor: Munsell, Flody Darrell Trustee; Munsell Floyd Darrell Trust; Munsell, Jane R Trust; Munsell, Jane Trustee

Grantee: Mason, Seth; Mason, Jessica

Property: 34 8 66 SE4NW4 T26

Cost: $619,000

Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Blumentritt, David; Blumentritt, Natalie

Property: Marthinsson Nostdahl 8

Cost: $212,225

Grantor: Mang, Gerald; Rice, Timothy

Grantee: Aspen Fractional Holdings LLC

Property: Weeks 14, 39, 49 Prospector 208

Cost: $41,250

Grantor: Gendron, Raymond O; Gendron, Jane P

Grantee: Tamburro, Amanda

Property: Stan Weis LLC Subdivision Exemption A

Cost: $355,000

Grantor: Deangelo, Cecily; Deangelo, Zachary

Grantee: Braun, Brittany D

Property: Cathers Duplex A

Cost: $1,170,000

Grantor: Braun, Brittany Dylan; Braun, Micahl Ryan

Grantee: Handler, Steven P; Koran, Janet M

Property: Country Club Townhomes 46

Cost: $1,850,000

Grantor: Aspen Fractionals Partners LLC

Grantee: L Malloy Enterprises LLC

Property: 1/8th Fee Ownership Interest Residences at the Little Nell Condo F403

Cost: $2,325,000

Grantor: Vierk, Dan A Trust; Vierk Dan A Trustee

Grantee: Aspen Fractional Holdings LLC

Property: Use Weeks 1, 24, 25 Prospector 106

Cost: $37,500

Grantor: Gueikian, Cesar Trustee; Gueikian, Cesar Trust

Grantee: Thunderbowl 9 LLC

Property: Aspen Highlands Village PUD Thunderbowl Townhome Residences 9 C

Cost: $5,400,000

Grantor: Carlson, Lana S

Grantee: Dorn, Shelli

Property: 16 9 88 SW4NE4

Cost: $625,000

Grantor: Baker, Nicholas III

Grantee: Taylor, James; Taylor, Imelda; Taylor, Kathryn

Property: Crystal River Park 19

Cost: $512,000

Grantor: Superman LLC

Grantee: Aspen Residence LLC

Property: River Glen 1

Cost: $8,200,000

Grantor: Red Butte LLC

Grantee: 1360 Red Butte LLC

Property: 1 10 85 SW4 25% Interest

Cost: $2,087,500

Grantor: Zimmerman, Harriet M Trust; Altschuler, Robert A Trustee; Marx, Claire A Trustee; Olearly, Nancy A Trustee

Grantee: 1360 Red Butte

Property: 1 10 85 SW4 75% Interest

Cost: $6,262,500

Grantor: Ferguson, Matthew; Ferguson, Kristine M

Grantee: Smith, Meredith

Property: Melton Ranch II 44

Cost: $3,350,000

Grantor: Filler, Julie Trustee; Filler, Mark Trustee; Filler, Julie Trustee; Filler, Mark Trust

Grantee: 1044 Two Creeks LLC

Property: Parcel B Two Creeks 32; Two Creeks Parcel B East Village PUD

Cost: $7,650,000

Grantor: Williamson, Greg

Grantee: Ferguson, Matthew C

Property: Brush Creek Village 8 1 4

Cost: $2,830,000