Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the transaction records printed below.


HIGH meanwhile ranch.jpg

Old Snowmass area

50 E. River Ranch Road, off Lower River Road

Meanwhile Ranch


Fifty-six acres, includes 12,000-square-foot main residence with four bedrooms, five baths and two half-baths; built in 2000


LOW inn at aspen.jpg

Inn at Aspen near Buttermilk Mountain

38750 Highway 82, Unit 1115


Hotel studio apartment, 347 square feet, kitchenette and bathroom; built in 1969, remodeled in 2018

Year to date, Jan. 1-31, 2020

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin County (residential sales only, compared to same time period last year)

Total transactions: 30 (up 59 percent) 

Total sales volume: $87,947,000 (up 90 percent)  

Sales to list price ratio: 94 percent (down 2 percent)

Active listings: 260 (down 21 percent)


Real Estate Transactions

Grantor: High Valley Farms LLC

Grantee: Silverpeak Real Estate LLC

Property: 17 8 86 53

Cost: $8,350,000


Grantor: Brock Family Community Foundation

Grantee: Heather Lane Aspen Holdings LLC

Property: Meadowood 2 25

Cost: $3,000,011


Grantor: 1700 Ben LLC

Grantee: Urban Seth; Urban Kylie

Property: Stonebridge Inn 203

Cost: $71,000


Grantor: Galardi Group Development LLC

Grantee: Meanwhile Ranch LLC

Property: 23 8 86 70-71; 26 8 86 70-71

Cost: $12,250,000


Grantor: Heng Kiara

Grantee: Aspen Independence LLC

Property: Independence Building 205

Cost: $650,000


Grantor: Snowmass CHTK LLC

Grantee: Four Rivers Real Estate LLC

Property: Top of the Village 204 Aspen

Cost: $1,175,000


Grantor: Bush, Gerald A; Bush, Diane M

Grantee: Chapman, Calvin C; Chapman, Joann, Langlinais

Property: Stonebridge Inn 524

Cost: $68,000


Grantor: Savage, Thomas R; Savage, Selma M

Grantee: JTM Corner LLC

Property: $2,200,000

Cost: Country Club Townhomes 12


Grantor: Gordon, Jill

Grantee: Repass, Robin M

Property: Inns of Court 25B 25

Cost: $557,000


Grantor: Svestka, Steven J

Grantee: Isaacson, Lawrence

Property: Inn at Aspen 1115

Cost: $260,000


Grantor: Faquin Investments LLC

Grantee: Vinh Phuong

Property: Assay Hill Lodge 724; Assay Hill Lodge 13624

Cost: $290,000


Grantor: Dancing Bear Project Owner LLC

Grantee: Hester, Chris; Hester, Arron

Property: Fractional Interest B-4 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen DB4; Tunnel Easement Dancing Bear Residences Aspen

Cost: $950,000


Grantor: Chart House Project Owner LLC

Grantee: Glass, Daniel; Glass, Deborah

Property: Fractional Interest H-19 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen MS19; Tunnel Easement Dancing Bear Residences Aspen

Cost: $950,000


Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Pergande, Don W

Property: Burlingame Ranch II Condo 101 473 Paepcke Drive

Cost: $180,409


Grantor: Jerez, Braulio; Kirkpatrick Keli

Grantee: Aspen City of 

Property: 550 Employee Housing E

Cost: $229,538.11


Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Kirkpatrick Keli; Jerez Braulio

Property: Chaparral Aspen AH Condo 6

Cost: $421,154


Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Wackerle, Curtis; Wackerle, Erin

Property: Woody Creek SUB/PUD

Cost: $470,460.87


Grantor:  Throm, Robert H Estate of; Throm, Douglas H Per Rep

Grantee: Tillman, Timothy Joseph; Heartwell Lamara Cor

Property: 34-35 9 86

Cost: $1,400,000


Grantor: Throm, Phyllis A Estate of; Throm, Doug per Rep

Grantee: Tillman, Timothy Joseph; Heartwell Lamara Cor

Property: 34-35 9 86

Cost: $1,400,000