Recorded April 7-13, 2019


Grantor: Michael Young; Sharon Young

Grantee: 274 Draw Drive LLC

Property: Ridge of Red Mountain 29

Cost: $12,000,000


Grantor: Reva LLC

Grantee: Haymax Hotels LLC

Property: Commercial Unit S M B 4

Cost: $230,000


Grantor: 309 Sagebrush LLC

Grantee: Basalt Valley Properties

Property: Sagebrush Building 3-4

Cost: $887,500


Grantor: Snowmass Properties LLC

Grantee: RPDent LLC

Property: Interval Estate No-3-100 Snowmass Club Condo 117

Cost: $120,000


Grantor: Scotts of Ajax Mountain LLC

Grantee: Meadow Mill LLC

Property: Fifth Avenue 105D

Cost: $2,050,000


Grantor: CTM Property LLC

Grantee: Gaci Aspen LLC

Property: 1/8 Fee Ownership Interest Residences at the Little Nell Condo F502

Cost: $2,500,000


Grantor: Lipnick Family LLC A

Grantee: Riley H Douglas Trustee; Riley H Douglas Trust

Property: Fractional Interest D-1 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen DB-1 Tunnel Easement Dancing Bear Residences Aspen

Cost: $925,000


Grantor: SV Building 4 Development LLC

Grantee: SM Luminary’s 03 LLC

Property: Luminary’s R3

Cost: $4,400,000


Grantor: Doremus Properties LLC

Grantee: Cooper Brandon Stirling; Cooper Margaret Goldstein

Property: Aspen Grove 2 1

Cost: $2,450,000


Grantor: William Sabarese

Grantee: Mountain Dog Holdings LLC

Property: Fasching Haus East 170

Cost: $1,700,000


Grantor: Davis Alton T Trust; Alton Davis T Trustee

Grantee: Backcountry 109 LLC

Property: Chatelet F

Cost: $1,822,500