Grantor: Campbell, Evan; Campbell, Kassandra Mae

Grantee: York, Natalie K

Property: Swiss Village 27

Cost: $612,000


Grantor: Chambers, David JR; Chambers, Linda

Grantee: View of the Crystal LLC

Property: 15 8 88 Part of 16; 22 8 88 Part of 1; 22 5 55 Part of 3

Cost: $2,000,000


Grantor: Esparza, Jesus Trust; Esparza, Jesus Trustee; Esparza, Denise Trustee

Grantee: Price, Mark; Price, Roberta

Property: Country Club Townhomes 10

Cost: $1,500,000


Grantor: Biegler Family Investments LLC

Grantee: Paisley, Douglas A; Paisley Susan A

Property: Fractional Interest E-13 Dancing Bear Residences Aspen MS13 Tunnel Easement

Cost: $475,000


Grantor: Finkbeiner, Johanna A; Finkbeiner, Christian E

Grantee: Carlisle, Christopher A

Property: Crestwood 303 A

Cost: $480,000


Grantor: Rikkers, James W; Rikkers, Lisa K

Grantee: Adams-Musto Patricia

Property: Elk Mountain 26 Easement

Cost: $97,500


Grantor: Aspen Trust II LLC

Grantee: Christensen Financing LLC

Property: Starwood 16 R98

Cost: 26,950,000


Grantor: Speck, Karin C Trust; Speck, Kim Jennifer Trustee

Grantee: Emphasys Services Company

Property: Hunter Creek 221 2 1; Hunter Creek 221 200 1

Cost: $535,000


Grantor: Aspen Club Residences

Grantee: Potamkin, Melissa

Property: 1/10th Fee Ownership Interest Sky Residences and Lodge F8-5; 1/10th Fee Ownership Interest Sky Residences and Lodge F9-5

Cost: $1,452,000


Grantor: Schutz, Barbara F; Hanrahan, Paul

Grantee: 703 Holland Hills Road LLC

Property: Holland Hills 42

Cost: $1,017,000


Grantor: Lane, Tammie; Brunswold, Kirk

Grantee: She Shed 44. LLC

Property: Obermeyer Place Condo 118



Grantor: Gibson 910 LLC; Zoll, Steven D Trustee

Grantee:  Aspen Love Story LLC

Property: Smuggler Mobile Home Park B

Cost: $3,600,000


Grantor: WNC Trust; Charouis William Nicholas Trustee

Grantee: Roberts, Duane Trust; Roberts, Kelly Trust

Property: 20 9 85

Cost: $13,850,000


Grantor: Nixon Family Properties LLC

Grantee: Decker Trust

Property: Top of the Village 307 Aspen

Cost: $685,000