Real Estate Transactions Recorded

Oct. 7-13, 2018

Grantor: Lester Grayson Trust, Iris Grayson Trust

Grantee: Mary Ann Levitt

Property: 4 Premier Club Weeks Aspen Residence Club & Hotel B40

Cost: $731,500

Grantor: Barry Freedman Trust, Barry Freedman Trustee, Zelda Freedman Trust, Zelda Freedman Trustee

Grantee: Duckfood Enterprises LLC

Property: Timberline 3D A

Cost: $717,000

Grantor: Nelson H. Oldham, Julie A. Oldham

Grantee: Jeffory P. Crane, Diane S. Hackl

Property: Part of Crystal River Country Estates 1 4,5

Cost: $720,000

Grantor: Michelle Rizzuto Per Rep, Estate of Peter Joseph Rizzuto, Estate of Peter Rizzuto

Grantee: Keegan Mason

Property: Lazy Glen 39

Cost: $218,000

Grantor: Stephen McNair, Stacy McNair

Grantee: Blessed Between 2 Creeks LLC

Property: Villa of Aspen 2

Cost: $2,195,000

Grantor: Colter H. Smith, Bridger H. Smith

Grantee: Aspen Main Street II LLC

Property: 715 West Main 301, 302, 715 West Main 304 Parking Space 715 West Main F

Cost: $475,000

Grantor: Bonnie Jo Williams, David A. Williams

Grantee: Stephen McNair, Stacy McNair

Property: Villa of Aspen 18

Cost: $2,595,000

Grantor: John S. Tawgin

Grantee: Monica M. Machado, German Javier Vargas

Property: Gant G301

Cost: $1,790,000

Grantor: Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority

Grantee: Brian Matthew, Amanda Matthew

Property: Bavarian Inn SS I

Cost: $175,757

Grantor: Aspen Constructors Inc.

Grantee: Sapphire Properties Aspen LLC

Property: Aspen Business Center 4

Cost: $707,500

Grantor: Mark J. Haldeman

Grantee: Jay Dee Parsons, Megan Elizabeth Parsons

Property: Inns of Court 1AB 1

Cost: $455,000

Grantor: 189 Aspen Oak Drive LLC

Grantee: 2018 Aspen Properties LLC

Property: 3 10 85 NE4SW4 19’, 9 10 85 Right of Way Easement, Right of Way Easement, Roadway Easement

Cost: $3,800,000

Grantor: Actarus LLC

Grantee: Mark Hilberman, Brigitte Hilberman

Property: Crystal River Park 10-12

Cost: $5,000

Grantor: Rusty Tally, Mary Tally

Grantee: Robert Murphy, Julie Murphy

Property: Residence interest No 9 Aspen Highlands Condo 8304

Cost: $32,500

Grantor: Luke Johnson, Natalie Johnson

Grantee: Bailey Calhoun

Property: Smuggler Park 219

Cost: $750,000

Grantor: Cynthia H. Courtney

Grantee: James Armstrong

Property: Willows C3

Cost: $95,000

Grantor: Cliff Adams Trust, Clifford S Adams Trustee

Grantee: Colorado High Properties LLC

Property: Interval Estate No 3-60 Snowmass Club Condo 119

Cost: $85,000

Grantor: BBT Holdings LLC

Grantee: Colorado High Properties LLC

Property: Interval Estate No 3-60 Snowmass Club Condo 119

Cost: $85,000

Grantor: Laureen Hopkins

Grantee: SMV-800-LLC

Property: Ridge Townhomes 10

Cost: $1,925,000

Grantor: Roaring Fork RE-1 School District, Roaring Fork School District RE-1

Grantee: Basalt Vista Affordable Housing Partnership LLC

Property: Basalt High School

Cost: $3,234,330

Grantor: RD Snowmass LLC

Grantee: Snowmass Fractional Partners LLC

Property: Interval Estate 2-4 Snowmass Club Condo 111

Cost: $55,000

Grantor: Hugh Steven Wilson Trustee, Clare Maloney Wilson Trustee, Wilson Trust

Grantee: Mountain View Interest LLC

Property: Obermeyer Place Condo 201 Crescent

Cost: $3,680,000

Grantor: Rod Canion, Cam Canion

Grantee: John C. Dobbs Jr., Christin S. Dobbs

Property: Wiltrout Family Partnership 2

Cost: $9,000,000

Grantor: Harry Sames, Elizabeth Sames

Grantee: Maxwell Hoshino

Property: Exhibit A Not Attached

Cost: $2,600,000