Teams: 2-6 people

Pre-Registration Required:

— Early Bird Deadline: Tuesday, April 16 ($5 discount)

— Late Registration Deadline: Friday, April 10 at 3pm

It’s the 4th Annual Where My Peeps At Scavenger Hunt. This is a great way to spend a Saturday morning prior to Easter.  We will have two race categories.

Option 1 is the Downtown race. Downtown racers will try to find as many Peeps as possible in one hour that are stenciled around downtown. Be back by 10am to turn in score sheets and participate in the Easter Egg Hunt.

Option 2 is the Farther Afield race. This is for teams who want to explore a little more and will run or walk approximately 6 miles deciphering clues to find Peeps hidden all over town. Must return by 11am to turn in score sheets.


  • Occurred Saturday, April 20th, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am


Sopris Park

7th and Euclid


Margaret Donnelly