“When political and financial elites are shielded from any consequences for their actions, they are no longer subject to the law. Instead, they become the law’s masters, using the legal system for their own purposes: to safeguard and expand their perquisites; to ensure that their cheating and corruption are not punished but rather rewarded; and to keep any outsiders from challenging their superior status. The law, which was meant to keep the powerful in check, is now used instead to sustain and perpetuate their power.”- Glenn Greenwald.


Regarding the article on the city of Aspen kicking artists out of homes they self-built, three points:


1. In August and October 2010, as a snowboard instructor, I filed state and federal labor whistle-blowing charges against Aspen Skiing Co.. Six months later I was fired by billionaire Lester Crown’s Aspen SkiCo. Note: The same day I passed out a flyer promoting a living wage for employees, Mr. Crown banned me from public lands under Skico’s purview. This has yet to come to trial. Meanwhile, I’ve been harassed repeatedly through the legal system by the SkiCo, as well as the Aspen Institute.


2. The City of Aspen’s housing authority (APCHA) claims that I did not provide evidence of compliance with their requirements regarding employment. I’ve supported myself with the only two jobs I was able to find after being fired by SkiCo via the newspaper; however APCHA summarily disqualified those jobs — as a property manager and a fundraiser for a charitable project in Africa — leaving only my work as an artist for consideration. APCHA did not know what they would accept to qualify my work as an artist. It was not until Oct. 14 that they researched art and made a final determination. Unfortunately for me, my goose was already cooked: the city had already sent me a certified letter two weeks prior informing me that I must sell my home.


3. The court has criticized my “travel to Africa” while APCHA had me bidding against myself in a no-win situation; however it’s a sad statement when escorting my 80 year old mother in the place of my recently deceased dad to complete his charitable legacy in Africa and delivering used laptops donated by the community would be used to kick to the curb a man that built his own home.


It is outrageous that the court faulted me for honoring the legacy of most amazing man I’ve ever met, my father, while simultaneously not faulting APCHA for lying in wait for years until the house was complete to snatch it.


The whole thing smells funny.

Lee Mulcahy