Morris Hogan is one of the rare breeds who was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley and graduated from Aspen High School. Aside from studying at Colorado State University and sampling the pow in Telluride for a few seasons, Morris has always called Aspen home. If there is snow on the ground, you will find him riding it. When the snow fades, he shifts his adrenaline needs to climbing, biking and trail-running.

3:00AM / Alarm goes off—8 inches of fresh snow on the ground.

3:30AM / Fire up the sled at the base of Maroon Creek Road.

4:00AM / Swap out the sled for the splitboard at Maroon Lake

and make my way up into the alpine.

9:30AM / Summit Pyramid Peak, switch to boarding mode,

drop in on steep, untouched pow.

12:00PM / Back in town, hit the Big Wrap for a Mexican burrito,

exchange splitboard for the rigid and head up the

gondola (burrito in hand).

12:15PM / Meet at the water station at the top of Ajax;

tell all of the other ski gangs to piss off until the Freaks

come through.

12:17PM / Hill bang with the boys.

1:45PM / Stop into Bonnie’s for a bowl of white-bean chili.

2:00PM / Top-to-bottom laps to close out the day; gondola

beers are a must.

4:30PM / Pop over to the rooftop at the W—boots come off,

and feet go in the pool/hot tub.

6:30PM / Head home to change clothes, then Ellina for

dinner and vino.

9:00PM / Drag my corpse to the Red Onion for Coors and

revel in the epicness of my perfect day.