Feelin' fine

New York-based poet and artist Precious Okoyomon — whose preferred pronoun is they —  smiles in an Anderson Ranch studio on Thursday while describing their work process, often inspired by their dreams to create hope and magic and whimsy for building new worlds. That includes Okoyomon’s vision for a biosphere at the Aspen Art Museum. Their visit is in partnership with the Aspen Art Museum as part of a major commission. This will be Okoyomon’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States and will take place over 18 months between June 2021 and October 2022 in collaboration with the ranch. Okoyomon reiterated that they “like to make things that don’t exist with people that I love” and feels blessed to have large kilns and resources offered by Anderson Ranch to create freely. The tiles in the foreground have poems and imagery that will line the Aspen Art Museum exhibit.