The scene of a rollover accident on Hwy. 82 near mile marker 7, Wednesday around 11 a.m. Two people were transported to Valley View Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Two people were transported to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs Wednesday with injuries called minor to moderate that were ­sustained in a rollover accident near Carbondale.

Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District responded to the one-car crash on Highway 82 around mile marker 7 at 10:59 a.m., according to Jenny Cutright, spokesperson for the district.

The accident, which caused traffic to back up from the scene to beyond Thunder River Market, drew a response of two ambulances, a fire truck and 11 personnel, she said.

“The highway was not closed nor was traffic rerouted during our ­response,” Cutright said.

The Colorado State Patrol could not be reached Wednesday evening for a comment on the accident investigation.