Madelyne Leibinger

Madelyne Leibinger

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Aspen School District and Aspen Family Connections present a public program entitled “As You Are,” which is being touted as a “body positive symposium” tonight, May 16, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Aspen High School Commons. It was inspired and organized by Aspen High School senior Madelyne Leibinger, according to a recent announcement. The program is applicable to adults and children aged 10 and up.

“Madelyne has a drive to bring the attention to the community to these issues and has been at the center of creating the event, in order to give something back to her community,” the press release noted. “Children and young people in our society are bombarded with images and ideals of supposed physical ‘perfection,’ with huge, and corrosive implications for self-esteem, health, social interactions and contentment. Here, in Aspen, where a mind/body/spirit ethos is prized, young people (and even adults) are not exempt from body image related issues and eating disorders.”

Said Katherine Sand, Director of Aspen Family Connections, “We are so happy to support Madelyne in creating awareness of this important issue, and it’s our role to collaborate with our many community partners to bring resources and supports to families and keep our kids healthy, happy and ‘body positive’.”

The program, which will be interactive, will offer the chance to share information and resources about body image, eating disorders and embracing a body-positive lifestyle. Community support will come from Mind Springs Health, Aspen Strong and other community providers, according to the statement.

Parents and children from schools throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, as well as others who are concerned with the issues, are invited and encouraged to attend the discussion and see the many avenues of support that are available.