A man at Bootsy Bellows was arrested this week after he allegedly tried to steal shoes and purses from two bar patrons.

Bryan Martinez Delatorre, 28, of Eagle County, is charged with felony theft after police were called to the nightclub around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Officers arrived to find a bouncer restraining Martinez Delatorre on the ground outside Bootsy Bellows.

Officer Forrest Barnett wrote that two women told him the man had stolen their purses and shoes from a bench inside the bar. A handcuffed Delatorre admitted to taking the items, which were valued at $2,300, Barnett’s report says.

Another man allegedly caught the defendant rifling through the purses in the men’s room, and the report says a debit card belonging to one of the women was found in Delatorre’s pocket when he was arrested.

In identifying Delatorre, Barnett wrote that he learned the defendant is a “known gang member.” During his advisement in Pitkin County District Court on Wednesday, prosecutor Luisa Berne told Judge Chris Seldin that Delatorre is currently on probation and has a criminal history that includes 22 incidents of failing to appear for court.

A cash-only bond of $10,000 was set for Delatorre. He remained in the Pitkin County Jail as of Friday afternoon.