Person of interest

A photo from the Aspen Police Facebook page posted Thursday asked the public for information on the person pictured, who is “not accused of anything illegal.”

Aspen retailers were given a heads-up Thursday about people who were believed to be professional shoplifters.

The Aspen Police Department in a Facebook post wrote: “Hey Aspen retailers, today would be a good day to be paying very close attention, with 9-1-1 on speed dial.

“From time to time we get a group of what appear to be traveling professional shoplifters who hit town and, using distraction techniques, try to steal high-dollar items.”

On Feb. 17 it appeared that a person was “casing stores looking for vulnerabilities.”

“So, it might be a good day to have extra staff on, and to have everyone be very alert,” it was noted in the police post.

A photo attached to the post said: “On a <cough, cough> totally, completely, absolutely unrelated note <cough, cough> if you know or recognize the guy in the photo, please give us a call at 970-920-5400. He is not accused of anything illegal — we would just like to talk with him.”