Aspen police station

Aspen police are investigating a rollover car  accident that happened Tuesday night near Main Street in Aspen.

An investigation continues into a rollover accident Tuesday night near 411 E. Main St., according to Aspen police.

Officers were dispatched to the scene in downtown Aspen around 9:39 p.m. on June 23, where they saw a Land Rover lying on its left side in the right lane of traffic, said public safety records specialist Kendall Jahnke. No one in that vehicle sustained injuries.

According to information provided from the police report, passengers in the Land Rover said that a blue Toyota 4Runner pulled up next to them at the stoplight at Mill and Main streets and that someone in that vehicle threw something at the driver of the Land Rover. They further claimed that the interaction caused the driver of the Land Rover to swerve into a parked car, which in turn caused the vehicle to roll over onto the driver’s side and land in the opposing lane of traffic.

Significant damage was sustained to the Land Rover and to the parked car, according to police.

Jahnke said officers are still searching for the driver and/or the owner of the Toyota 4Runner, likely a model from between 2002 and 2009. Because this is an ongoing investigation, no names were available Wednesday.

The police ask that any information about this incident be directed to the Aspen Police at 970-920-5400.