Ryan E. Mausner

Ryan E. Mausner

A Carbondale man is in federal custody after he allegedly flew to Kansas City, Missouri, intending to have sex with a 7-year-old girl, according to an FBI affidavit filed last week.

Ryan E. Mausner, 42, was booked into the Wyandotte County Detention Center, which is located in the state of Kansas, last Friday night following his evening flight to the Kansas City International Airport and subsequent arrest. The affidavit says he is charged with one count of “use of interstate facility to attempt to entice minor to engage in illegal sexual activity.” The charge is a Class A felony and if convicted, federal guidelines call for a sentence of 10 years to life imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000.

According to the affidavit, Mausner was logged into a public chat room on the website Kik.com, a popular social-media network, when he engaged with an FBI online covert employee, or OCE, on Jan. 31. The FBI agent was posing as an adult female and said she was a single mother of two: a 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. The conversations that followed centered around the fictitious woman and her daughter, not the boy, the document states.

Referring to himself online as “Dom_G,” Mausner allegedly told the agent on March 13 that he wanted to have sex with the woman and her daughter, and that he would fly from Colorado to Kansas City for that purpose. He also made “overtly sexually explicit comments using BDSM terminology” and insisted he be referred to as “sir.” BDSM is an acronym for the practices of bondage, discipline, dominance and submission.

On the following day, they continued their discussion, with “Dom_G” writing that “big boss man has been thinking about his girls … Spending quality time getting to know you both.” On March 19, he provided the agent with his phone number, which the FBI linked to Mausner’s home and email address.

In April, their online conversations reportedly continued, with “Dom_G” saying he wanted the fictitious woman and her daughter to travel to Colorado to visit him. “OCE responded that she could not afford two plane tickets. ‘Dom_G’ advised that he would pay for both. … However, after the ticket prices increased over time, they opted not to follow through” with the travel plans, the affidavit says. 

On May 4, following an alleged sexually explicit conversation between the agent posing as the mother and Mausner, the agent sent him a picture that purported to be the daughter. The next day, Mausner sent the OCE a screen shot of his May 25 travel itinerary. He was due to arrive at the Kansas City International Airport, in Missouri, at 5 p.m., the affidavit adds.

The FBI agent who wrote the affidavit pointed out to the federal judge who approved the arrest warrant that he has been assigned to investigate computer crimes that include violations against children since October 2002. 

“…I have not included each and every fact known to me concerning this investigation,” wrote FBI special agent Michael Daniels. “I have set forth only the facts I believe are necessary to establish probable cause to believe Mausner has engaged in the attempted online enticement of a minor… .”

No bond has been set. A hearing was scheduled for June 5.