A file photo from March showing the damaged portion of the Chapel Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge is being replaced Saturday.

The removal and replacement of a pedestrian bridge over Castle Creek Road near the roundabout will take place today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The city is dubbing the bridge the Chapel Pedestrian Bridge. It is one of a series of footbridges linking the Marolt Open Space to the Moore Open Space and Maroon Creek Road. The bridge was damaged in March when a dump truck passed underneath it with its haul bed elevated, striking a structural beam. The bridge has since been stabilized by temporary support structures but a permanent fix is needed.

Motorists should expect delays as traffic on Castle Creek Road will be limited to a single alternating lane for the duration of the project, with two full-lane closures occurring throughout the day.

The first full closure will take place ­mid-morning for approximately 10-20 minutes while the damaged bridge is removed. The second full closure will likely take place in the afternoon and last about 15-30 minutes to allow the new bridge to be swung into place.

Due to the close proximity of the roundabout, the two scheduled full closures will prohibit any turns onto Castle Creek Road from the roundabout until a lane is reopened.

“The city of Aspen and Gould Construction thank you for your patience while this important trail connection is restored,” says a press release about Saturday’s work.