Mount Sopris

The backside of Mount Sopris as seen from the window of a Centurion II plane Saturday morning during an EcoFlight trip with pilot Bruce Gordon and students from Glenwood Springs High School and the Youth Water Leadership Program. Two hikers were rescued from Sopris later Saturday in an unrelated event.

Ground and air teams were deployed Saturday afternoon following a call into the Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center stating that two hikers were stranded on Mount Sopris and that they were “cliffed out,” cold and scared.

The call came in at approximately 4 p.m. on Sept. 8, according to a press release issued Sunday. Within one minute of their call, Mountain Rescue Aspen was mobilized.

“Mountain Rescue Aspen deployed three ground teams one of which consisted of two ATV’s. In addition to the ground teams an air team was deployed, Flight For Life helicopter, Lifeguard 2, out of Frisco, Colo. The mission consisted of 21 Mountain Rescue members and Flight For Life members,” it continued. Parichat Robles was the deputy in charge of the incident.

The hikers gave their location to rescuers using the compass app on their IPhone. Rescue teams made contact with them at around 7 p.m, according to the statement.

“Rescue teams on the ground extracted the hikers and were back on the ridge by approximately 7:12 p.m.,” the release noted. The hikers, two women from the Front Range, were uninjured. All MRA members were out of the field at 11 p.m. 

“The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the all volunteer members of Mountain Rescue Aspen and Flight for Life. Mountain Rescue Aspen and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind hikers to pay close attention while you ascend a trail because the trail may look different on the descent,” according to the statement.